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Sounds like another one bites the dust !! (Queen playing loudly in the back ground)
Here in SEQ the SCX motors have a high rate of attrition. Almost every racer I know has had at least one failure, some, two or more this year. It usually happens within a half hour or so of being new. Older motors seem to make it past this threshold and then live long and happy lives

Not too sure why but it usually amounts to a failure of the comutator of some kind. Motors run slow, emit a bit of a smell, sometimes smoke. Dismantling reveals the brittle collar around the base of the com disintegrates, taking winding pigtails with it!

I have rewound several now for friends and have had to use mabuchi coms on some to replace the damaged originals. One thing though, its an opportunity to put a few less windings of a little thicker wire on. Then stand back and watch peoples faces !

Another SCX trait is for the TV supressor to short out internally and eventually burn out, litterally! This is sometimes preceeded by a period of poor to slow running. Try cutting the supressor off first.

a note to all when using ebay, caveat emptor!
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