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Molesey Scalextric Club - 3rd Annual Truck Racing Open
26th/27th June 2004
Fly, Scalextric or SCX
Fly trucks to be box standard (smaller front tyres may be fitted, Proslot Toyota rears will fit)
SCX trucks may be fitted with a magnet.
Race event as follows:
1. Tractor units only
2. Tractor and trailer
3. Tractor, trailer and load (GT Class car)
Trailers may be Scalextric Standard or hand built.

Hand built trailers to be a maximum of 33cm long and the maximum width of the tractor used.

No lips allowed to the top edge of hand built trailers.

When the GT car is on the trailer, slot can be cut in trailer for guide.

We have a few Belgians returning this year to race as they enjoyed it so much, you are all welcome to join in the fun.

Any questions to Brian George 07984077124 or email [email protected]

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times for this weekends Truck Race are: Saturday practice 12 - 3pm
Sunday start at 9am and finish when the last truck is broken!!

Hope to see you on the day all welcome

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