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we have been invited by the promoter (Steve Horne) to run a track at this weekend event

if we are going to do this we will want to do it well so will need a good number of volunteers for the Friday (set-up), Saturday (running) and Sunday (running and take down).

Tasks we need to cover:

- Transporting track (two lane portable track) to and from event

- getting DS light bridge to work on the track

- controllers (we have these covered)

- Trucks - suppose it would not be right running anything else. Club can procure some Scaly one but need to prep them to ensure run well

- Promo material: leaflets, banners, presentation boards with promo stuff on

Anything else?

So 2 questions:

1) Are you able to commit time to the above w/e, if so what?

2) Are you able to undertake any of the tasks that need covering - if so what?

Finally, if we do do this should it just be seen as promotion or should we charge and done proceeds to a charity? If the latter then I suggest £1/person for a race against a partner. £1 to race against a club member that if you win get entered in to draw for a prize (a truck).

Until I am assured we have got everything covered I won't commit us.

Happy if other clubs want to join in.

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