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TSRF Chassis

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I'm thinking of trying one of the TSRF chassis with an old MRRC Porsche body I have.

Does anyone have any experience of these chassis. I will run almost exclusively on Scalex Sport track.

Why the MRRC Body?........well

1) I have one !.

2) The dimensions seem to tie up pretty well with the TSRF Chassis measurements.

3) The sidewinder configuration leaves plenty of scope for cockpit detailing, (something sadly lacking on the MRRC original)

4) The body is very sturdy and can take any number of accidents.

5) There is going to be a racing series for this type of chassis/hardbody car, and the Porsche is an unusual subject.

6) Patto has some very nice decals just waiting for me to purchase!.

Any comments appreciated.

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Dennis is right about the braids - the length is important and I would suggest that the optimum length exposed might be just slightly different for different makes of track. A little bit of experimentation will pay off here.

The other point to be made is that the standard TSRF supplied motor is very fast indeed and needs at least 1 whole amp of juice for EACH car in order to realize the full potential. So, not less than 2 amps for a 2-lane track and double that for a 4-lane track- AT LEAST. New users can often gain a slightly false impression by running their new car SOLO and it may well run well because the power supply is sufficient for a single car. But, as soon as a second car is placed on track, neither will run properly. This is NOT a down on the car, simply a reminder that adequate power supply is necessary because these cars are a step up from the more familiar low-consumption home set vehicles.

Other than that, these cars are GREAT!
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