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TSRF Chassis

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I'm thinking of trying one of the TSRF chassis with an old MRRC Porsche body I have.

Does anyone have any experience of these chassis. I will run almost exclusively on Scalex Sport track.

Why the MRRC Body?........well

1) I have one !.

2) The dimensions seem to tie up pretty well with the TSRF Chassis measurements.

3) The sidewinder configuration leaves plenty of scope for cockpit detailing, (something sadly lacking on the MRRC original)

4) The body is very sturdy and can take any number of accidents.

5) There is going to be a racing series for this type of chassis/hardbody car, and the Porsche is an unusual subject.

6) Patto has some very nice decals just waiting for me to purchase!.

Any comments appreciated.

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Thanks for your comments.

I must admit I have some doubts about the guide system.

Have you tried a different type of guide?...(I know for the race series you can't change it).

I assume you are running on sponge tyres as well.

Although I probably won't be able to get to many, (if any of the races), I was hoping that if the car turns out to be good someone might like to race it for me, (a sort of proxy thing).

I'm also hoping to write an article, with photo's (I got my digital back from my son!), detailing the construction methods, etc.


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