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Le Mans night

Qualifying took a new turn tonight as the Parry famliy began a battle between themselves, with father & son both clocking exactly the same times as each other.
After a second rerun they still clocked the same!!!!!!!!!
So a coin was tossed with Trefor winning Pole Position.

The first heat saw Dave take an early lead much to Trefors disgust, as the car he was using used to belong to him.
After a mid race tussle with Ryan and a couple of deslots, Dave started to ease ahead and eventually won.

The next heat saw Rich take an easy win with the rest of the competition looking a bit sleepy.

Third heat again saw Father & son pitted against each other but this time it was Rich who came out on top.

Last heat saw the best racing of the night with Ryan & Shane making a battle of it. Ryan took the early lead getting a couple of laps ahead after Shane had a couple of offs. But suddenly Shane entered "The Zone" and began making ground. Ryan seeing this had a bit of a flap and deslotted. Shane managed to reduce the lead to a 1/4 lap and threatened to take the lead on several occasions but Ryans nerve held out and he went on to win this heat.

Race Results :-
Rich 10
Dave 9
Tref 8
Ryan 7
Shane 6
Dean 5
Matt 4

There were a lot of absences tonight due to a football match. Let's hope the guilty party's get their heads in gear for next week.

Next week is Touring cars.
See if you can actually win one this week Tref
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