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After a brief meeting and a few phone calls, we have decided to try and run to similar rules as W.London, Burnt Oak and Watford

The idea being that it is easier for our members and the other club members alike to go to any club they want on any given night and pretty much be able to

race the cars that they have already prepared

We will probably still have some classes that will differ slightly but mostly we will try to keep in line with the other clubs

Hopefully this will encourage better and closer racing all round

Therefore as from this week we will be racing with a choice of motors, Boxer 2s, NC6s, Sharks etc and Slot It running gear will also be allowed

We will be racing Ninco 4WD rally this week,

I will try my best to do a calendar, rules and classes for the rest of the year soon, but work seems to be all consuming at the moment, (but I will try)

Hope to see a good turn out this week, with a bit of luck Chinese will have the printer working too...... don't hold your breath
1 - 2 of 2 Posts