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Tuning an AutoArt

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Well now we've got a class for AutoArt 'supercars' - the performance of which is generally anything but. Wobbly gears, loose tyres and general graunchiness abound, so it's now become the club's only tuning class.

In fairness I've never had a problem with my original choice - the Porsche 997 Carrera. It's pretty and, with a load of weight stuffed in the nose, has a very nice habit of drifting gently through the corners. Here's the old original:

With a decent amount of acceleration my 997 is one of the fastest 'stock' cars (mag removed) at the club, but because of chronic unreliability we can now tune our AutoArts. Tyres, hubs, axles, gears and pinions are free - although motor, guide and chassis must remain as standard. Given the yellow peril's rear-mounted motor she's not going to be able to live with more conventional arrangements, once they've been tweaked, but I wanted to stay with Porsche and so got a traditional mid-mounted sidewinder within the rather lovely 996 GT3R:

And so to a bit of tuning...

First off I've removed the retaining spring on the front axle which pushes it down towards the track. I hate front-end deslots with a passion, and increasingly find that highly detailed slot cars are build as shelf queens with no thought for whether or not the front wheels will lever the guide out of the slot. I've also unscrewed the magnet and fitted wheels and axles from the Scalextric Porsche GT3, which are wider and hopefully will give a bit more grip than drift:

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the rear tyres are different. I've gone for Ortmanns, as Scaley typically doesn't do a great compound for non-mag running.

Everything sits together reasonably well but there's a hefty amount of slop in the rear axle now - about 4mm worth! I've ordered some shims but also decided to go for a Slot.It axle and gears - 12 tooth pinion and 36 tooth crown. I think it's about the best balance in ratios for our track.

The bits should arrive in time for next week, when I make a belated debut in the class. It's hardly the biggest tuning job in the world but hopefully, once run in and with a bit of weight behind the guide, will be able to keep pace with the Gallardoa, Murcielagos and Koenigseggs.

I'll let you know!
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...and the verdict is?

Wrong gears?
Tail happy?
"Some people speak because they have something to say, others speak because they have to say something."

QUOTE (Screwneck @ 28 Apr 2012, 01:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It's best not to 'tune' an AutoArt slotcar. Instead, it's better to buy another manufacturer's car. That way, you don't encourage folks to waste their hard earned cash on a good looking lame duck.


This adds nothing to the discussion. The class is "already' established. It cannot be better to buy another manufacturer as then he can't race.

QUOTE (martini917k @ 28 Apr 2012, 03:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I believe "tuning" an AutoArt car may result in a sound similar to atonal dog strangling

Yet another pointless reply. Your opinion of AutoArt has nothing to do with the OP's question.

QUOTE (stoner @ 30 Apr 2012, 19:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>it seems to me that autoart is a funny choice to have as a tuneing class. by the time youve bought all the bits to make it run decently youd be better off buying a slot it, and just be allowed to change rear tyres and lead if needed. youd have much closer and faster raceing for about the same outlay. the best driver not the best tuner would head the pack, it would make it more exciting. john

Again the same. It is an AutoArt class. Maybe money is not an issue and maybe the challenge is the tuning not the driving. I happen to think cars are boring but what has that got to do with anything.

Having already PM'ed my tuning thoughts to the OP. They may not be valid but that is his decision.

An AutoArt class is an inspired choice arrived at by someone with independent thinking or someone who has a store full of unsold AutoArt.
Quite a technical challenge and involves some skill and not simply an on-line parts order.

AutoArt class is like racing Citroen 2CV, Skoda 120/130, NSU TTS sure a Caterham would be quicker but that is not an issue. Maybe better analogy it is like the guy in the VW Cup who races a van, maybe the point is to get the most out of and have fun with something not know for being quick.

Added to that they (AutoArt) race without brakes.
I can hear the tongue clicking already. So how to improve braking when there is no electrical braking allowed? Adding weight would seem counter intuitive. How to change ones driving skill or equipment to do this? Complex adjustable controllers maybe of limited use?
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QUOTE (driver#8 @ 4 May 2012, 16:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>between the People's Front of Judea and the Judean People's Front

Than you for that my sides hurt
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