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Hi to everybody,

in this article we will introduce you the preparation performed by Paolo Petrini, one of the pilots of the Championship Torquemadaslot 2010/2011, with this article you can verify the notable technical abilities of the preparatory ones that circulate in our track...

NSR Ford P68 spider by Paolo Petrini

A body of damaged P68, deprived of pieces in the back low part, it has given me the idea to transform it, shortening the tail of it and eliminating the roof to get a spider.

The back part has been reduced of around 1,3 cms, the roof has been removed with a small part of the glass, it has also been removed the part that represents the motor, creating more space for the movement among body and the motor SW.

The back lunotto has been darkened by the radiator to the tail.

The original motor has been replaced with a MB slot Dodo 23k, fast and supermagnetico, with a gear 13/32.

This P68 is extremely reactive and it has been necessary to apply an abundant ballast around 13 grams inserted in the chassis.

The ballast on the support motor is slightly asymmetrical, it is provisional and it has subsequently been repaired. The total weight of the car is of around 79 gs.

This P68 has been tried in the track of the Club of Prato, the times are exceptional! 10,9 seconds, while the best GTs turn in 11,5 seconds, it still exists some border of development for this car.

Replacing the original tires with the Scaleautos (SC2008) it has been necessary to apply a thickness of 2mm. between body and chassis, then with the istallazione of the suspensions on the support motor. it is increased notably the speed in curve.

After these changes the P68 Spider by Paolo Petrini has closed a turn fast 10,00 seconds on the layout of the Club of Prato.

We wish to be is you useful, a regard and good fun!
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