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As already stated if you are running without magnets all cars need work new out of the box, the quickest and simplest way to gain performance is to replace the plastic mass produced running gear with precision manufactured after market "tuning" parts. They will of course need to be fitted correctly.
In short there is a big difference in these parts "out of the Box"
If you trawl through the Class Rules of any UK Slot Car club you will find some of them prefer to run "standard" cars.
In my experience they are far from standard, for example plastic wheels are trued and some even go to the trouble of removing the centre section of the central shoulder of the wheel.
There are a 1001 more tuning tricks for "standard" cars that give the more experienced a distinct advantage which would be negated if everyone was allowed to use "tuning parts"
It is the biggest lie in club slot car racing "Cars must be run with standard running gear so everyone is on a level playing field"
Anyway rant over coming back to your question - yes it is possible to get a car with its out of the box running gear to run very close to a car fitted with precision engineered aftermarket tuning parts but it takes a lot of work and a bit of know how.
As for which brand is best some are more popular than others for a good reason - my advice would be pick one of them and stick with it. In precise engineering terms they are not all the same and whilst many parts "fit" together they are not compatible.
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