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I paid a visit to my dealer.

I got some nice cars. He neither had the Renault F1 which is out in Spain nor the specail GT40 from Germany but he had the TVR DE WALT. I didn't know it was already out. It looks really great. I'm quite amazed that Scalextric has foreseen 7.000 units for this livery and 8.000 for the Eclipse. Sure, the fluo red should appeal to a lot of people, but the DE WALT remains a spectacular livery nevertheless.
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Keep it on topic here, as you're supposed to talking about the car I really want to get

You see, I'm a Matt Kenseth fan, who (in case those across the pond don't know
) runs the DeWalt car in the Nascar series over here, and has won the Championship for 2003.
Yes, I have his cars (thanks Scalextric
) and I have the DeWalt Porsche 911 GT3 (thanks again Scalextric
). So I have been wanting this car

Now get back on topic, and tell me more

Who cares about a bunch of jocks beating each other up over a "football"
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