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TVR T400R LeMans -04

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I've wanted to build this car ever since I saw the first pictures of it. I just love its mean looks! I posted a picture and a brief intro in the "Is no one building anything!" thread, but I think it might deserve a thread of its own. The body is from a Scalextric kit, and I'll be making some kind of a scratchbuilt chassi for it. I think I'll go for a front motor setup, to make it "real life like" and for it to be able to compete nicely with the Lister, Marcos, Viper, Ferrari 575 and such cars.
Here are a couple of pictures of the work this far:

As you can see, I'm not done with the filler business yet, but I ran out of filler a couple of days ago, so I just sanded it lightly to see how much more that had to be done. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to fill the doors too and reshape them slightly. It seems the real car has almost standard doors on it and just bulbous wheelarches, but the Scalextric version seems to have a slightly wrong door profile to it, so maybe I'll have a go at that too... We'll see if I can be bothered.

I'll keep you updated on the progress.
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Hi Toby - I can see your pictures just fine.

Great car to model - quite fancy making one myself. TVR support race for next years proxy perhaps
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I'm interested

Great going Toby. That paint finish is truly cool and it's good to see the car literally shaping up so well. Gets the
from me!
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Heck, thinking about it some more I'm going to go crazy and give it two thumbs

Got to ask Santa for one of these kits!

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Well you managed to win the F3L concourse without an airbrush Toby so I don't think you're doing too badly

Having said that the quality of finish and flexibility you get from an airbrush definitely makes it worth the investment imho. Same goes for a compressor. I have a "mid-range" Revell Profi airbrush with Holding Compressor/reservoir tank which work great for me.

And, the car is looking mighty good - be sure to keep us posted as that paint builds up

P.S. rumour has it that mrs Santa is out tonight hunting for my TVR kit
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QUOTE I don't think there's room for a car tyre in my workshop.
Well I do most of my work in the garage and I've no room for a car tyre in there either - let alone a whole car!

I've heard of people using tyres this way but, depending on your airbrush, regulation might then be a problem. In my humble the cans are OK, especially to begin with, but I would say some of the associated woes described in your link Toby sounded awfully familiar!
QUOTE But you know how it goes, the day I buy a compressor will be the day I finally run out of projects.

Ah howmet, Life Is A Long Song
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QUOTE A little question to John.P, were you at LeMans this year and saw these cars yourself?
Moi? If only Toby! I think you're confusing me with Alan:

QUOTE (BEEJAY7 @ 6 Dec 2004, 11:51)Looks Excellent Toby, I look forward to seeing the finished car.

The real one did look good at Le Mans, just a shame it's performance didn't match it's looks.



...but I love those pics. We need MORE Toby. Many many MORE!
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Toby, the Fly Marcos wing is a tiny bit oversize at just under 58mm by 12mm (excluding endplates) but apart from the strut positioning looks to be the right kind of shape:

But hey, what's plasticard for!
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Toby, I made the mould for my Cooper from T28 silicone mould rubber used with T6 catalyst (again from Tiranti's). It's a medium soft rubber which I cast around the carved master in a box like this:

I then repaired the box (that you see split open in the picture above) and used it to support the mould and stop it from flexing while I made the cast.

On my previous cast model, the Lotus 15, I had used a stiffer rubber but because of the curvy undersides of the car I had to make cuts in the mould to get the shell out. Even so, after three casts the mould tore apart.

In short - go medium soft and support the mould in a box as you cast

I'll take mine painted please
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...just remembered! Something else to think about. Because of the unpredictable nature of the slushy, the shell thickness is likely to be inconsistent making it a little trickier to fit the glass. Greenman managed to make a lovely job of his slushed TR8 though.
Glad to hear you're having a great time Toby. Good old Santa remembered my TVR kit so I might be pasting on the filler soon too...

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QUOTE By the way JohnP, how is your car coming along? Any pics of the process?
Ain't it typical. As soon as you start making one from scratch... well to cut a short story even shorter as soon as I saw the Scalextric 2005 release schedule I'm afraid the TVR went right to the bottom of my to do list

Good on you for your perseverance though Toby - especially in the face of such adversity!
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That's absolutely stunning Toby

By the way, just curious where you got the wing from in the end? Is it scratched?
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