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TVR T400R LeMans -04

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I've wanted to build this car ever since I saw the first pictures of it. I just love its mean looks! I posted a picture and a brief intro in the "Is no one building anything!" thread, but I think it might deserve a thread of its own. The body is from a Scalextric kit, and I'll be making some kind of a scratchbuilt chassi for it. I think I'll go for a front motor setup, to make it "real life like" and for it to be able to compete nicely with the Lister, Marcos, Viper, Ferrari 575 and such cars.
Here are a couple of pictures of the work this far:

As you can see, I'm not done with the filler business yet, but I ran out of filler a couple of days ago, so I just sanded it lightly to see how much more that had to be done. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to fill the doors too and reshape them slightly. It seems the real car has almost standard doors on it and just bulbous wheelarches, but the Scalextric version seems to have a slightly wrong door profile to it, so maybe I'll have a go at that too... We'll see if I can be bothered.

I'll keep you updated on the progress.
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I always did like books with pictures, so keep them coming.
QUOTE A little question to John.P, were you at LeMans this year and saw these cars yourself?
Moi? If only Toby! I think you're confusing me with Alan:

QUOTE (BEEJAY7 @ 6 Dec 2004, 11:51)Looks Excellent Toby, I look forward to seeing the finished car.

The real one did look good at Le Mans, just a shame it's performance didn't match it's looks.



...but I love those pics. We need MORE Toby. Many many MORE!
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Oh, sorry John! I must have confused the two of you in my head...
I just thought it was you and I didn't backtrack it. Well then the question goes over to you Alan...
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What an excellent piece of workmanship - your hard work and perserverence is rewarded! Most of us would of been 'happy' with the basic shape and used a can of Halfords purple - but your efforts improve on that infinetley.

Simply awesome!
I admire your craftsmanship. I love the color and the changes you've made to the shell. It makes me want to try it myself.

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Lovely job so far! I cant wait to see it with that huge wing on the back!

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Absolutely stunning, Toby! What a great reward for all that effort.
Cheers for all the nice compliments! I can't wait to get it properly finnished now, but I think it might just have to wait until after the holidays. I'm going down to Melbourne Australia next Sunday, for a month. So I guess this is all that'll be made up until then. I'm eagerly awaiting the decals that Iceman is kindly making for me too, and I've had word from him that the ball is in motion
. Then of course there is the whole chassis business. I'm going to make it front engined because the real thing is. The bonnet is long and the interor is fairly far back so the wight distribution shouldn't be too off either. I haven't decided if I'm going to make a flexible design chassis (torsion bar) or not. But it would be cool to have a carbon fibre chassi of some kind under this one
, we'll see...

Here's another teaser:

It's very hard to catch the candy on camera, but I guess you can imagine it a little having seen the car in different lights now. The thing is that in real life it's a lot stronger and the angles have more of an effect rather than just the lighting as seen here in the pictures.

I'll have to mention the Acrylicos Vallejos paints I used to creat the candy effect once more too. They are really easy to work with and I'll definitley get more of those in the future. They all mix very well with eachother and you've got 220 colours to chose from to begin with so any colour or effect should be possible. I've tried the Tamiya acrylics before, but I have never been really happy with them, so I've then gone back to Humbrol because I like them better. But the downside is then of course all the messing about with different cleaner fluids, and the smells they bring. I really like the drop dispenser feature on these bottles now too
Mixing is just so easy
Another bonus is the quicker dryingtime with acrylics too.

About that rear wing, glad you mentioned it Doug! The original wing from the kit is not the same as the one on the widebody version of the car, so I'll have to find another wing to fit there (kit one is curved and too small). I need something about 56mm wide with a wing profile of 10mm and with the endplates a little longer at the front. Now that might not be easy
I'd prefere not using any filler on the wing because of the high risk of race damage. But any sugestions on stuff that is close to those measurements are very welcome!
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Try a Ninco McLaren F1 GTR rear wing and fabricate the struts.

OR you could try a Ninco BMW (old type) which comes with the chassis, or the Fly Joest Porsche which also comes with the chassis. Both have the correct struts, but may need to be cut down in terms or depth of the wing.

Thanks Andy, I'll look into that. I assume they are the right width and profile at least?
Toby, the Fly Marcos wing is a tiny bit oversize at just under 58mm by 12mm (excluding endplates) but apart from the strut positioning looks to be the right kind of shape:

But hey, what's plasticard for!
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QUOTE ....and the shell is just AWESOME

It's my new favourite
...but we'll see if I dare race it
All that filler might not withstand hard racing.

I'll look closer at that Marcos wing, a mate of mine has one, so could see if it looks right. It might be a fraction oversize, but we'll see. The LeMans regulations state a maximum width of 1800mm rear wings, so that'll be about 56,25mm
. But I'm not that picky, as long as it looks right I'm happy!
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Toby- if you're worried about the filler surviving a race, why don't you make a resin casting? Then you could let us all have one!

Hee hee. It is nearly Christmas, and I know what I'D like to find in my stocking!
howmet tx: Great idea! Resin resin resin...

Kind regards // Richard
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Now that would be sweet wouldn't it!

I have no idea of how it works though, and what I need to make it happen but you might be on to something there...
I'm kinda' keen to make some more for myself too
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I'd be interested in casting it for you if you're interested. You can check out my work here:

RMS MotorSports
QUOTE (dreinecke @ 10 Dec 2004, 18:40)I'd be interested in casting it for you if you're interested. You can check out my work here:

RMS MotorSports

Now, that would be interesting.........
That body-shape is JUST right

I want one

See less See more to have dropped you in it, Toby. Sorry.
I'll take two.
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