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Hi guys
has anyone got a tvr tuscan number C2454?
I have 5 and want to make up six for racing
if so would they like to sell it ?

if not could they put a picture on here so I could see what it looks like
many thanks ade
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Hi Bill
is it possible for you to put up a picture
many thanks ade
Hi Bill
yep know the model and have the dewalt one.
so what livery is it?
Hi Bill
sorry still not sure on car C2454 what number what colours?
Hi Chapman
thanks for pics
the JCB wasnt it yellow and black or did they release two?
Hi Keeto
thanks for that so there was no red and black No 22 JCB then!
I have all and chipped apart from the Eclipse and Hamleys
regards ade
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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