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Tweaking Scaley pit stop and Artin grandstand

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Progress update 6/7/04 on Pastime International Raceway. This will be the last post for a while on the layout. I think I've bombarded you guys enough!

A few additional, new pictures as of June 7 at:

Pastime International Raceway

Thanks for looking!
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Track is looking superb my friend.

I've been through your pics several times and it just keeps looking better. The pit boxes turned out heads and shoulders above the normal. The color makes that much of a difference!

I'm so impressed with the stands, I'm ordering several of the Artin Grand Stand kits. My kitbashed ones were a pain, don't look right, and I'm not happy with them. Besides, $8 each is MORE than worth the time I spent trying to do my own.

Haven't done a dang thing to mine but dust it off. Too busy in the yard, fixing up the Chevelle, etc. As soon as I get back from vacation, I'll kick it into gear. I still need to finish stairs, railings, etc.

Talk to you on Tuesday at work.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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