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Twelve hour race for charity

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Well I enjoyed it, many thanks to Paul for organising the event.

Cant wait till the next one.

Hopefully more people will take part.

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I'd like to come to such an event but my problem is that it'd be difficult for me to be there for more than about 6hours (e.g. 10 to 4). Is this feasible or will it upset team structure? Also who'd want me on their team? - don't all answer at once!
Hi Dave,

It would just be me. I could probably make 9.00, but being a Sunday I like my 'beauty' sleep. I would have to leave before the end though. Maybe we could have a shift system.


Is it feasible to do any sort of handicapping system - i.e. we know who has done best at Bolwextric and we could mix them with the slower ones - at least roughly? Doing it on the day would be hopeless as there'd be too much sandbagging.
I'd be happy with that (unsurprisingly). I might do the dastardly and even put in a bit of practice.
1 - 4 of 169 Posts
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