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Twelve hour race for charity

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Well I enjoyed it, many thanks to Paul for organising the event.

Cant wait till the next one.

Hopefully more people will take part.

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I also had a great time. 12 hours well spent, thanks Paul....and everyone who took part.

Was I the only one who had trouble sleeping last night, everytime I shut my eyes I kept seeing cars racing around the circuit.

Nice to see you on Slot Forum at last Wambulance - what we need next are details of this years 12 hour race. Where are you Mr Hawkins?
QUOTE (Mr.M @ 4 Jan 2011, 13:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Is Mr Hawkins organising it now? Is that because Mr Atkins isn't allowed to "go to Scalextric" any more?

Doh!, thanks for the correction Jim. Sorry Paul - I used to know a Paul Hawkins and keep getting your name mixed up.
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The entry fee per team is £30, so for a team of 3 a tenner each is good value for money for a days racing

PS, I am sure that we can fit in any racers who want to take part but can't get a team together.

Regards Keith
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Kevin has just signed up and trigger is a maybe.
Welcome aboard Nick.

I assume that it will be a bit like last year, some people formed their own teams, the rest of us sorted ourselves out on the day.

QUOTE (Mr.M @ 10 Feb 2011, 23:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Then there's Wes, Andy and Trigger as the basis of another team or to be fitted into existing teams.
Trigger said he couldn,t make it due to work.
Flap-Jacks, Pasties, Pork Pies, Crisp, Old Peculiar etc, sounds like your on the team Andy

Not sure about your ringer theory....but who knows, this is your chance to be the next Trevor Bayne.
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QUOTE (AAWSCC @ 11 Mar 2011, 17:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Make sure you bring some spare pennies along with you on Sunday folks as there will be a well worth winning raffle prize up for rabs courtesy of Peter and his boss. AC models, Eastleigh.

Let's guess - is it the shops radio or the electric heater Peter will be standing next to all day....
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QUOTE (pressbutton @ 11 Mar 2011, 19:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>All are welcome to buy tickets, except Keith!

Opps..sorry Peter...our little girl must have typed that message when I wasn't looking
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