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Twelve hour race for charity

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Well I enjoyed it, many thanks to Paul for organising the event.

Cant wait till the next one.

Hopefully more people will take part.

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I'm sure we could sort it to accommodate when people can be there. Is it just you Sandy, or will you bring the boy?

Anyone else that would take part if it didn't mean spending the whole day there please let us know.
The entry fee per team is £30, so for a team of 3 a tenner each is good value for money for a days racing

PS, I am sure that we can fit in any racers who want to take part but can't get a team together.

Regards Keith
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Im certainly up for this guys, if anybody doesnt mind having a rookie on the team? sounds like a good laugh to me, and a chance to do some charidee work!!!
Here's your first team entry, Team Pressbutton. That's me, Karl, Steve, and possibly Adam.
Hi Dave,

It would just be me. I could probably make 9.00, but being a Sunday I like my 'beauty' sleep. I would have to leave before the end though. Maybe we could have a shift system.


The event has been submitted to two local radio stations so hopefully we will get some response.
Gosport club have also been contacted, they usually get a team together.

So, confirmed is.
Peter + 2/3
Possibly Trigger

Anyone else like to confirm participation?
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Kevin has just signed up and trigger is a maybe.
QUOTE (AAWSCC @ 3 Feb 2011, 17:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Anyone else like to confirm participation?

I've added the later names to the list on Dave's post.

Well that's virtually 5 3-man teams already!

I meant to mention it last night at Liphook, but forgot.

But Gosport have supported us before so give them first shout.
I glad to say that I have been given authority to attend so please add me to the list. Delighted to have a go at a real endurance event. I'm also glad to see an event thread going as well so well done chaps.

Besides Team Pressbutton, are the rest of us going to be formed into teams?

Welcome aboard Nick.

I assume that it will be a bit like last year, some people formed their own teams, the rest of us sorted ourselves out on the day.

I have just got back from a weekend with some old friends, I mentioned it to them and they seemed up for it. They are all novices so if people are ok with it then we will see who turns up and make up teams of fairly equal ability.

Thanks to all that are putting their names up for entry though, really pleased with the response seeing as though we are trying to organise this at such short notice.
Oh no - they're your friends they should be on your team
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Careful Jim, it's starting to look like you're taking it serious.
Maybe we should start looking at putting teams together and if we get extras arrive on the day then we can look at what is the best way to squeeze them in.

So come on then guys start sorting yourselves out and put your team up on this thread .
Oh dear, looks like all the teams have vanished.
So far we have.
Team Pressbutton.
Team Lordy Keef.
Looks like your gonna win again Pete!

I think it would be good if teams were submitted by 20th Feb and entry fees paid, then we know how many lanes are going to be used so we can get some guesses in for the total laps.

Last years total was 12,210. That was on 4 lanes. 12,210 / 4 = 3052.5

So, average laps / lane is just over 3000. It looks like we will have 6 teams this year. 6 x 3000ish =18,315

Guesses for winning a Pioneer car should be in the region of 18,000 then.
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Is it feasible to do any sort of handicapping system - i.e. we know who has done best at Bolwextric and we could mix them with the slower ones - at least roughly? Doing it on the day would be hopeless as there'd be too much sandbagging.
QUOTE (aerodynamic @ 8 Feb 2011, 11:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Doing it on the day would be hopeless as there'd be too much sandbagging.

Geoff's not going as far as I'm aware

Looks like people are already self handicapping, Sandy.

Peter is racing with his family, Dave with some old friends and Keith has probably got Trigger with him if he wants to keep getting a lift to Liphook
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I'm with Keith. Proabably Alan as well, maybe a n other if we need to put 4 in a team. That could be Trigger I 'spose.
I take it you're with Kev then Jim? Will you have Sandy in your team? He probably knows you the best/longest.
I'd be happy with that (unsurprisingly). I might do the dastardly and even put in a bit of practice.
I'll fit in wherever I'm needed.

Tony doesn't normally get involved for the whole day, so perhaps Sandy and Tony could be counted as one team member, with Sandy doing the stints until he has to go and then Tony taking over.

If there's plenty of people taking part, I'm quite happy to take on a non-participating organizational role. "Magic Cranes" is not my favourite format, all that leaping about and shouting out lane colours reminds me too much of the playground at infant's school!

Now there's a thought! Perhaps we could pick teams, like we used to pick sides for football at breaktime. I wonder who would be the tree hugger that nobody wants, left at the end?
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