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Twelve hour race for charity

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Well I enjoyed it, many thanks to Paul for organising the event.

Cant wait till the next one.

Hopefully more people will take part.

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Time to start thinking about sustanance guys.
Are we doing the 'everyone bring a bit of something' or every man for himself?

If it's the former then we don't want 120 cakes and nothing else, though it doesn't sound that bad.
We normally do a pizza order in the early evening.

Perhaps suggest people can bring their own snacks for the daytime.
Are you confirmed as taking part yet Jim? Sill waiting for Kev, eh?
I'll be there.

Kev sent me a text on Thursday night saying he was a definite. I think I'm going to insist that he at least comes racing this Thursday night to get his eye back in. Perhaps Wes can be our third man and we'll fit Sandy in to our team where we can on the day.

And you can do likewise for Andy.

Any more news on an away team yet?
It was discussed last week that we were going to get Andy in our team, looks like me and Keith are going to have our work cut out making the time up!

I think you get the better deal as at least Wes races there regularly and Sandy knows the track. Andy has never even seen the track. What with him and Alan........Gawd help us. We may even have a ringer to throw in though.

I emailed Chris D, but have heard nothing and still nothing from Gosport. Looks like we might only have 5 teams... shame.
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Who's in what team again??

I can see this being fun!

I have been practising a lot, and fitted a 240V battery into my controller as per Dave L's instruction.

Alice is going to make some Flap-Jacks for me to bring, I'll also pop into the local Soup Kitchen and pick up some goodies. Pasties, Pork Pies, Crisp, Old Peculiar etc.

Looking forward to this, have not had a day out in decades. er, 1972 to be exact.

So, who's team am I in?
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QUOTE (Saviour @ 6 Mar 2011, 10:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So, who's team am I in?

Uuum, Er, well............ Oh! is that the phone ringing? Sorry, gotta go!
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That was Dave on the phone. He was going to tell me which team you're in, but the front door bell rang, so he had to hang up.
Maybe we could use Andy as a handicap system. Any team that seems to be romping it gets Andy for 2 stints. That should even things up a bit!

We will just have to wait and see how many turn up on the day to see where we can put the spares.
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Flap-Jacks, Pasties, Pork Pies, Crisp, Old Peculiar etc, sounds like your on the team Andy

Not sure about your ringer theory....but who knows, this is your chance to be the next Trevor Bayne.
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There isn't going to be many British slot racers that know who Trevor Bayne is, Keith.
QUOTE (Mr.M @ 5 Mar 2011, 10:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Perhaps suggest people can bring their own snacks for the daytime.

What . . . . . . like plain chocolate biscuits Jim?

I figured I'd make do with a Fortnum & Manson's hamper. As one does in such circumstances.
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Actually no lie, but I'm going up to The Park Lane Hotel in Picadilly for afternoon tea to celebrate my wife's *"+$£"* birthday so I'll see what I can bring back

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I hope you mean you are doing that on the Saturday Nick, and not the Sunday!
Yep, afternoon tea on Saturday, endurance racing on Sunday.
Ooh, you really know how to live life to the full don't you Nick!
All those tales to tell the grandchildren.
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I see that the BBC are bringing out a new TV series, 'The Liff and Times of a Slot Car racer' In full HDDV5D. The first episode will be the making of a '12 hour race' staring the well know, world renound slot racing chump Steve 'Slot Car' McPioneer.
It's just been announced of BFTV.
Ok folks, Just trying to get some kind of plan for Sunday.
Can we have at least 1 team member at the track for 8.30 please.
Each team will have to nominate a team captain. This is just so I can talk to 6 people rather than eveyone. Team captains can then relay anything they need to, to their teams.
The 6 new Pioneer Mustang chassis will be laid out and can be chosen by team captains in order of arrival.
There will be 6 Fastback bodies and 6 Notchback bodies to chose from.
Teams will be given 5 mins to put the 2 parts together before the race start. Non of the cars should have any body rock for the start of the race.
Once the race has started teams may "pit" at any time after the 1st lap to loosen the chassis, lubricate, add weight and true tyres.

Does that sound ok to everyone?
Aay aay captain.
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