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Twelve hour race for charity

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Well I enjoyed it, many thanks to Paul for organising the event.

Cant wait till the next one.

Hopefully more people will take part.

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The Gosport 12 hour is this Saturday chaps!

I think we ought to support them as they did in our early ventures into endurance racing.

According to their website they are short of teams.

I'll make the effort even though it's on a Saturday and I
detest "magic cranes"

Who else is up for it?
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Hi Jim, Sorry I can't join you in supporting the 12 hour endurance race at Gosport on Saturay but I have to attend a family get together after a bereavement earlier today.

Regards Keith
Count me out too Jim, if it's Saturday 4th then i've got a family day too. Sorry.
Really wanted to support them, shame it's this week. Go the next few Saturdays clear.
Ok guys, will have to get our act together a bit better next time. It has rather loomed up on us. I suppose as it is in a church centre, they can't really have it on a Sunday.

Sorry to hear your news, Keith, but I think perhaps in this case it was probably a blessed relief to all concerned.
Just a reminder folks that this years 12 hour race will soon be with us.
Luke, how's the plans going for an Oxford team?
If you are still up for it then reply on here and I will post the details, map etc.
11th March
Racing 9am - 9pm
Drivers to arrive at the club between 8 am and 8.30
Cars should be provided by Peter Solari. Ninco Porsches.
Peter, can you please confirm this?
Can all interested parties please put their names down on this thread.

Thanks and let's hope it's another cracking day.
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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines...

Planning to attend as a full "team" and will confirm driver numbers with you by the end of the week.

Ninco cars are currently in the garage having lights fitted and will be race ready for Sunday morning, 11th March.

See you there,

Hi Dave

just confirming that Team Saga sport is full on GO for 11th. That's Nick, PJ and myself.

Bring it on. - Will.
Wes, Kev and myself are rarin' to go too!
I think i'm right in saying that Myself, Keef and Alan make a team so that's four teams we have confirmed.
Just need 2 more to make a full grid.
Teams can have as many members as you want. 4 works well as then you get a 15 min stint every hour.
Has Tony said anything about taking part? He could have Robin, Chris and Richard.
How about the guys that do club nights? Rueben and the 2 new guys.
If there's anyone thinking they might want to join us and can't get a team then we can easily fit you in to one of the existing teams, or put you with some one else that might want to take part that can't find any other team members.
Just heard from Peter, he's a man down, do we have a spare for him?
He also said about changing the tyres to Ortmanns. Why we he want to do this?
I think Ortmanns were run once before, but I didn't attend that year. What did they go like? Would standard tyres be a problem?
I expect we will be able to find some help for Peter's team - there's certainly a couple of people who are coming along but can't stay all day.

My personal preference is to avoid the Ortmanns - we've never found anything wrong with standard Ninco tyres.
Ninco tyres!?

So what cars are we running this year then? I seem to have missed that bit.
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Angle-wangle Ninco Porsches as far as I'm aware, PJ!
Hi Dave, will be able t come on sunday, will be there around 08:30. Looking forward to it. 12hrs of chaos and mayhem.
Last chance for some track experience tomorrow night if you fancy it, Andy.

Has new Sean been informed about the event?
QUOTE (Mr.M @ 7 Mar 2012, 18:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Angle-wangle Ninco Porsches as far as I'm aware, PJ!

Hmmm. If they are as noisy as mine, then I think I might bring earplugs!
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Hello chaps

Can someone remind me what time the actual racing started last year? I have a feeling it was 0900, but just want to be sure (as I presume it's the same this year).


As far as I know it's the same.
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