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Its been a busy week for slot cars at my house.

I've just built up a 2nd GT car (slot-it nissan) to hopefully replace my older one which has done about a million laps and also I wanted to try a different set up.

So, here are my twins

Have you got a set of twins in your collection or race box?
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And another 6 sets of twins!

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I like this pair very much, I also have one of their same scale Ferrari's, I see in the recent news feed section it will also soon be getting a twin.
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Ok here are my Trackside Triplets

Not sure what the collective word is for 48 slot car Ferrari F40s???

QuattroDozzina bellisimo Ferrari?

It would be the round 50 but a couple are out of the display case right now
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My first twins...

...wich results in this.
Collecting the grid of LM1998 (and more).
Nissan R390R

McLaren F1 GTR


Dodge Viper GT-R

LM 1997
Porsche GT1
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Just cause I love's them so much, my first pair again but from a different angle.
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Both are Scalextric but...
one is 2wd, the other is 4wd
one is tampoed, the other has stickers
one is made in england, the other ?
one has a small motor, the other is long
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OK, the 3 following PSK kits are not really twins, but I wanted to show you them

Matra 650 Temporada 1970 :

Matra 650 Le Mans 1970 :

Matra 650 Tour de France 1970 :

The 3 cars side by side on my track :
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bit of scenery magic

okay, seen before but they are real twins. 1 is race the other practice

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21 - 39 of 39 Posts
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