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I just stumbled upon these videos tonight as I was searching for sportscar pictures in general. I guess a few of you have already seen them, but I just had to share my little discovery with you guys
The one from -56 is of Mike Hawthorn doing a full lap in a D-type Jag on the Friday before the race and commenting as he goes around! Brilliant stuff!

The second video there is an incar lap from 69 from a GT40, with Vic Elford commenting on the improved safety (!) of the track
. It sure was a different world back then! But it probably was a vast improvement compared to previous years, I mean just look at the -56 video! Interesting that all the cars but the 917 are going absolutley flat out down the straight... Was that because of their instability at high speeds? So, would they just lift slightly at around 240 mph to not exeed the limits of the cars aero stability?
Anyway, here's the link:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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