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Chatting to Roger at the Coventry Transport Museum event today we agreed on me taking a Tyco US-1 Road and Rail layout to Gaydon in 2018. I had been booked to be there with it in 2017, but an issue with a Stepladder changed all that!

I see there have been a few postings about US-1 on the Forum before, but for those unfamiliar - It is a Roadway type system made in the early 80s where the trucks and trailers could reverse into loading and unloading docks to collect or drop off loads.

Here is a link to the Wiki Entry for the range -

Here is a link to the Tyco Trucking Resource showing most of the range:

Finally here is a video of a layout that a chum and I did in 2014;
(Apologies if you have seen this before)

My plan is to do a slightly simpler version of this layout at Gaydon, without the Faller AMS Section, just to make it easier to set up and run. It will have automated crossings where the Life-Like trains will stop the trucks as they pass.

If any of you are US-1 fans, are in the UK and enjoy running it, I would very much like to hear from you as frankly, I would like to try to get a small team of interested folk together for the show. This may be a long shot, but has to be worth a try.

I was there with a Playcraft/Aurora Road rail combination layout a couple of years ago and loved it, but it was hard on your own, or with just two of you.

Here's hoping!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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