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Hi Guys,

One of my race-buddies (known te be a little on the cheap side)just called me at work to tell me he had bought a slotcar racing set on ebay. He has 18 meters of track for about 20 euro's! I thought "Nice... a new track to race on!"... I asked him "What kind of track is it? Ninco? Scalex Classic? Sport?"

At that price I was allmost certain it would be Scalex Classic... but he told me it was Tyco! To be honest... I had never heard of Tyco... and when I googled for Tyco slotcars... I only found HO slotcars...

Is there any chance it would be an 1/32 track? Compatible to our Scalex, Ninco or Fly cars?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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