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I just want to know, if the problem with type C chips and SSD hardware has been fixed?

Can I now buy a type C chip without this led problem?

If yes, what is the product number?

Thanks in advance 😀

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Not yet, but: the revised type C chip (C1) is now working very well in all conditions that we can think of, and we're moving production forward. Delivery to our distributors and shops will happen before the end of the year (Dec 15th if delivery dates of components is respected) and it will have a new code (O201C1).

What you need to know:

The chip is universal as promised. the "A" LED is on the long side of the chip, "B" LED on the short side.

Hardware compatibility:

"A" LED on the short side of the chip is compatible with oXigen and Scalextric SSD lane changers but not with D132.

"B" LED is compatible with all systems: oXigen, SSD, and Carrera D132 hardware. Therefore, basically if you put this on the SSD type latch made by us it will put the right LED in place for all systems.

Please check the revised manual:

This information is being passed to distributors as well.


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