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Tyre size problems

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My GT40 is all but ready for its race debut at the Phoenix Open Day, But I'm having real issues with Tyres.

I have a Slot It rear axle and Sidewinder gear which is 19mm, I have SIP04 Wheels and was planning to use the SlotIt 20x11 tyres. However in doing so the Magnet is pulling the car down too much that the gear starts grinding on the track or the wheels just wheelspin in the air.

I then thought I would give the Original GT40 tyres a go so I altered the Inside of the tyres to fit the larger groove of the SlotIt wheel. These fit very well now. But the car is still getting stuck on the track in places.

Can anyone reccommend some tyres I could use with the SIP04 wheels of a larger diameter?I'm guessing 21mm ones may help. Alternatively should I just try to raise the magnet as at present I've recessed it into the Chassis.(Not flush with the underpan though)

Even with these major friction problems the car has annihalated my best laptimes on my 20 metre circuit in my loft without trying so I know it can get a fair bit quicker.

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Bob, the original rear tyres are fine once trued. Fit Skinnies to the front and the car will race superbly. Honest, I`ve just been playing with one of my GT 40`s and it goes like stink. Don`t let that magnet get too close to the track, only because you lose power in a straight line. It`s keeping the nose in that will count matey
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