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Is there suddenly a massive epidemic of out of round tires and wheels? I commented on a tire post over at Harry's and now I see this thread here.

I very seldon use a Dremel for tire work for the exact reasons stated by others here. I'm kind of spastic and sometimes increase the speed when I really want to stop the tool. Got the skid marks on my forehead to proove it. Also I've found that truing on the cars is better than off simply because you can balance with the whole drive train attached and small iregularities there can also be added into the equation. I don't usually swap wheels/tires between cars so this is the best solution for me. As for motor load. Light sanding shouldn't cause any significant problems. In fact, for us magnet guys there's probably allot more brush damage caused using brakes and then re-accelerating.


Oh Oh I just noticed that the people on this forum have to know how to spell (no spell check) Damn the bad luck.
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