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Tyre Walls

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With all this talk recently of tyre walls, I came around to thinking about this. I need about 1600 tyres to finish off my track.

Where to get them

So I came up with these:

What do you think?
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They are very nice...

What are they made from?


What a friend of mine did was get some dowling and cut the lines in them and then painted them black.. cheap and looks very real.....

Another trick is to take Lifesaver mint candies and glue them together. Then paint them black. They are inexpensive and look great.
On my HO track, I used wood dowels as Chris described. With a mini lathe, I cut grooves in the dowels and drilled well into one end. I painted the inside of the dowels black and some white on the outside and some red. I glued the dowels together to create complete barriers. It should work for 1/32 as well. Not a great pic, but you get the idea:

So...what did you use Nuro?
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..looks as if Nuro popped the corks...

Just take cork from the last bottel of wine you had, fix it with a nail in the drilling machine - through the longitudinal axis - and make some grooves with a triangular file. After that, paint the cork with latex paint and connect couples of these tire staples with 2 thin cooper wires for a tire wall - if you've painted them blue and white or red and white, you might get excellent looking results - and it's cheap...

But I would suggest not to drink british wine - try something less dangerous

enjoy making tire walls - but dont drink too much wine in advance...
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Top Tip Thomas

It's so obvious when somelse says it - what a great idea and a great reason to drink more wine.

Yep, Thomas figured it out. I knew I'd find a use for the couple of hundred corks that I have lying around. I haven't thrown one away in the 10 years that I've been in France.

I'll take some picks tomorrow, but it's exactly like Thomas says right down to the triangular file although I do use a 'big jobs' drill press to drill out the core.
For those that want another take on the tyre wall build idea...Polos. Yes the mint with a hole can be painted any colour after being glued in sixes and it`s a very quick way to make a large amount. Just glue and paint with Humbrol paint and varinish with matt varnish. They are very robust and will last for donkeys too! Buy them in boxes from the supermarket and not a packet at a time though
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Lots of great tips!
(especially the one about avoiding Britwine!)

I am deeply concerned about this though
QUOTE the couple of hundred corks that I have lying around. I haven't thrown one away in the 10 years that I've been in France.
That's only 20 a year - hardly more than a measly bottle a month!

I would have expected AT LEAST 200 per year!
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Ok, I'm confused.

Those tirewall tires look very close to scale. I'm more of a bourbon drinker but the many wine corks I've seen are much thicker than those pictured. I'd think they'd look more like heavy equipment tires, much like the lifesavers tip does.

Do they, and the pics just give the perspective of smaller tires...or what have I missed?

If I had to chop off one of those cork tyres, it would be exactly the same dimension of say a Fly Viper tyre.

Tropi, I think I was trying to make it look as though I don't drink that much...
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Ive also seen a piece of HEater hose from a automobile cut in sections and stacked . Makes a pretty good tire wall.
that's a very good idea !! And make , I'm looking since so long to make it cheap !!!
Now I got it !!!
I have to drink more

And if it's French .. better
hein Nuro qu'il est bon le vin francais ?
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My wife and I have been collecting corks for about 2 years now for exactly this purpose, even got round to painting some of them... I read this post to her and discovered that lately she has thrown some away...
nevertheless we found the remaining ones and had a quick count...we're up to 177 (hic!) so given that probably 25 or so have gone in the bin.........
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