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Tyres and wheels (classic cars)

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Hi Guys

I need some advice following the retrieval of my 70-80s scalextrics from the darkest corner of the attic.

I have a few cars where the tyres have split, and some where the tyres have gone brick hard and they were covered in an oily substance!

Looking around there does not appear to be any service sheets for these particular cars (C441, c443 and c426) - how do I know what tyres to buy for them?

I was very surprised to see that tyres on their own are in many cases more expensive that tyres complete on wheels with axles... why is that?

Also, some wheels are very loose on their axles - should I glue them back on (superglue)? One wheel drive is somewhat limited!

Lastly - cleaning the (classic) track - I have been using a PCB cleaner from maplin, but its hard going. The track is not rusty, just badly tarnished. Should I use a metal polishing compount on a drill, if so what is recommended?

One thing that has survived well is a couple or SRS cars - boy, they can still shift....

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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Regarding your loose wheel - superglue is probably you best bet BUT be careful if the wheel is very loose - you could glue the wheel onto the axle well out-of-round.

One tip - I assume your axle bushes are mounted to the cars in a way they can be "popped out". In which case - pop the axle out, push the nylon bushes as far away as possible from the end to be glued then glue the wheel. If you put glue into the cavity in the wheel BE CAREFUL - when you push the wheel onto the axle air pressure may force wet superglue out under pressure and hit you in the face. Please take care. Also try to avoid using too much glue as this can get onto the axle, increase its diameter and make it very stiff to turn in the bushes. This can be removed by scraping BUT a scratched axle turning in a bush will cause damage to the bush.

Pop the axle back in and lubricate the bushes. Lubricate every moving part but don't put much onto the motor shaft as too much oil inside the motor can electrically insulate the brushes and it will stop working.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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