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Tyrrell P34 prototype

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hello ...
... because this will be my first contribution here ...
I've presented the idea at hand. I intend to get the end of the Tyrrell P34 prototype (below do the rest) from a model of Altay. erstara simulated engine fitted new, new support position rear spoiler, new suspension, exhaust, air intake of carbs, full cockpit with seats and seat belts, steering wheel controls, steering front wheels, etc ...

.. for now doing so, to see what you think, and although progress is slow, continuous ... the first photo is just one example of decoration., i if you want to see more, be sure to stop by:


... and that's how the car is at this time.]

well, I hope you like it. i if you want to see more, be sure to stop by:

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Hi Spykerman...
... I'm glad you liked what you saw ... That truth is that steering part was easier to make than I thought...:

I was first drawn in CAD to the size of car wheels straight, and rotated, and then I draw the "arms" well-functioning mobile and then actually go to these measures (although the rush and made my inpaciencia are not wholly aligned).
...then "simply" picked up two series axles and did SRS narrower, mofificando anchoring the support of the wheel to put a little higher (not touching ground at new wheels being smaller), and take measures to CAD. I put one in normal position, and the other backwards, with the front steering arm and the axis of the guide, right between the two, centered and symmetrical.
the guide is a normal, I hit the pin two pieces, to coincide with the opening of the steering arm ...
and that's it ... hehe.

Spykerman, summarize, indeed I have more pictures and a short video, the bad is that they are mobile and will not be great, but seeketh any more and will make it here if you want ... and if it costs me to upload photos, the video seems impossible ...

Well, thanks for your comments.
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hello mates ...
... some new photos of the car like this.
say that the only noticeable if you compare the two, I'm doing it again simulated engine, but narrow and short, so that the air intake is at a proper height ...
As always, more information here:

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

and gift, a photo of the Tyrrell I have for now ...

Uploaded with

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...thanks for your words, loosesalute. I'm glad you like the work, the problem is that there is still much to do ...
The truth is that if I am a big fan, and as I said in the Spanish forum link, I want to get with everyone from 001 to 008, including different versions of the same car with different air intakes, snouts, wings, etc.. (only in the p34, i have six different nose).
through these links and see more pictures ...:

hopefully see if I find a hole and continued working on it ...
hi circuittaps.
thanks for stopping by the post
...but I want to make a clarification:
the car I'm doing is the prototype, with square sides (such as mold EXIN), which itself took the air intake at times, a legacy of 007.

...anyway, correct me if I'm wrong:
The prototype took to the air intake tests until they modified bodywork, and continued to test single air intake, as in Silverstone, where he gave some back to the circuit, with high air intake, even if not in the race, and so on GP of Spain, where it ran without (recently banned), and trained there with black air intake two side entrances, one short and one long, and also in blue and yellow. (the 007 used the same air intake in blue) .

I'll let you link, where you see the car rolling at Silverstone:

and where they are also in presentation ans Spain gp:

...with this, I want to become the prototype and some units of the "normal" with all the vents that I wear this to my car ... I get 6 different shots ....

hello ...
... How is everyone? after a while, I'm here again ... the truth is that I still posts quite often, but not quite like having a decent English (I'm using the google translator ...), and I have trouble uploading fhotos, it takes me ... but hey, I say that I will try to write oftener ...

But since I'm here, I'll update the Tyrrell, who is already finished and put some new post ...
Here are the pictures, hope you like ...(I'll try it, because I do not remember how to do).

...keep trying you can see in the post directly. can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
... and this is all I've got ... how I can do to make them bigger?

anyway, hope you like ..
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