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I understand what you mean The only reason to change platforms is either:

1 - The desire to be proprietary/exclusive for $$ purposes
2 - Real enhancements which could only come about with such a change

At times there comes a point when attempting to maintain compatibility becomes a liability, depending upon the aims/objectives of the manufacturer. I am not necessarily stating that this is the case for Scaley or SCX however.

...Kind of like moving from the DOS world to Linux or other graphical interface computer box.


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Theobald for president!

It was my question for Scalex earlier in a topic on this forum. If you make a track with the possibillities for lane changing and you can only change one or two times in one lap you will have to stay behind another car way too long!!!
And all those r2 curves in a hometrack....boring!
So Scalex will have to produce straight lane changing or at least mention this fact in their track compatibility with other brands. (see scalextric usa or ask Moped
Anyway driving behind another is like the real formula 1....

Adijjjos!!! Gose

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Tropi states:-

QUOTE no doubt in time as we are all converted to the digital mode of operation

Not in our lifetimes though, Mop!
(unless you are an immortal of course)

I am taking it that Tropi means in his lifetime.

Can anybody come up with an appropriate forfeit if for me if Tropi does not get suckered in and for Tropi if he does?

A bit of fun only!


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If Tropi gets sucked into digital, then he has to clout you with a slipper.

And if he doesn't, you have to be clouted by Tropi's slipper?

QUOTE A bit of fun only!


PS. By posting that I think you have assured that Tropi will never become a digital user, and if he does, he won't tell anyone!

QUOTE I am taking it that Tropi means in his lifetime.

Looks like someone else is calling you old Tropi...

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It seems a few people are confused about my attitude to digital and lane changing.
So I pop something like this in every few months.

Personally, I find digital fascinating and might even move towards it, one day.
For that reason I follow its progress avidly, where and whenever I can.
The other side of the coin is that I don't think many other people will, OR they will and then forget about it.
Either way it will lose a few companies quite a few quid as it becomes obsolete.

At the moment it's a fad that might, in time, become a niche market.

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Digital still has a fair few drawbacks, lack of motor upgrades, teething issues with the chips etc etc but how can you possibly think the ability for a home racer to have 3 or more friends racing round a track at the same time is the future. I'm not saying that its the future of club racing but the money comes from rug racers and small clubs so as long as they don't go bust I think there will be a future for the digital racers.

I've invested heavily in digital for this reason alone, I hold a small club every couple of weeks and get to set out a 50 to 90 meter track which is diffrent each week. This keeps racing fresh and introduces new racing techniques each time (i.e. one week, long straights and fast corners, the next tight corners etc etc) Simply woudn't be possible to set up a 4 lane track like this.

I hope digital goes from strength to strength and the sort out the teething problems (especially Hornby who's DRP chips are somewhat flakey and need to be able to handle much highter amps)

But each to their own, would love to go to a analoge club one week and see just how good the modded cars can be.

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QUOTE (Wraith @ 22 Apr 2009, 09:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Tropi,

but how can you possibly think the ability for a home racer to have 3 or more friends racing round a track at the same time is the future.

I dont get it, I wanted to go 4 lane analogue till the shop told me how digital works.
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