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Reasons to come along and bring the kids:

Racing Zone
Over 20 different free to race tracks will be available for public use.

Slot Rally GB
  • FREE to race the stages
  • 7 special stages (some favorites from the various hosting clubs).
  • All cars & controllers will be supplied by Slot Rally GB and sponsors.
The Manufacturers Race
Just who makes the fastest slot cars? Come an see this exciting feature race and support your favourite manufacturer:
Scalextric, Ninco, SCX, NSR,, Scaleauto, Mr Slot Car, Avant Slot.
Drag Racing Track
How fast can you go? Bring along your fastest cars to race down the custom built Drag strip.

BSCRA - British Slot Car Racing Association
Examples of the cars we race, Maintenance bench where car repairs can be watche, Rolling presentations of our hobby, video with interviews with some of the BSCRA racers including our ex world champion.

HO Zone
A dedicated area focused on HO Racing.

Manufacturers Zone
This area is a dedicated to manufacturer & distributor exhibitors. Including:
Scalextric, Ninco, SCX, NSR,, Scaleauto, Sloting Plus, Mr Slot Car, Avant Slot, Carrera, MSC, Pioneer, MB Slot, Slot Track Scenics, Teamslot, JP Slot, DS Electronics, TruSpeed Controllers, Gaugemaster & Kyosho.

Manufacturers with representatives flying into the event will be
  • Mr Slot Car - Ernie Mossetti
  • MSC / Scaleauto - Bernat Basas
  • - Maurizio Ferrari, Maurizio Gibertoni
  • Fly - Rafael Barrios
  • BRM - Pascal Baratella
  • NSR - Giovanni Monteglio & Salvatore Noviello
Retailers / Swap Meet Zone
Wander around the swapmeet where a gathering of Europe's top traders will have a stunning array of Scalextric and slot car equipment from past & present available to buy, sell or swap.
Confirmed traders attending:
Pendle Slot Racing, Scale Models, Steve Cannon (Triplex), Roger Barker (TomaliToys), Penelope Pitlane, Typhoon Slot & Models, Slot 32 (from Germany), Vintage-Slotcars, ScaleSlotcars

Club Zone
Come and meet representatives of the following Clubs & Associations:
  • NSCC - UK based slot car collectors club
  • SlotForum International - online forum for all Slot Car related topics
  • SLN - Dutch based slot car collectors club
  • UK Slot Car Clubs
Motor Museum
The Heritage Motor Centre museum in Gaydon tells it's story, from some of the very first cars to take to British roads, right up to the latest designs. Discover the history of British motoring with the museums collection of over 180 exciting cars from the past century. Visit the HMC website to discover what the museum has to offer

Detailed floorplan of stallholders and tracks:
View attachment UKSF_Plan_2012.pdf


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Will the entrance be at the same place as last year (i.e. next to "HO tracks" on the map)?

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QUOTE (zarko @ 15 May 2012, 15:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Will the entrance be at the same place as last year (i.e. next to "HO tracks" on the map)?
That is the entrance for exhibitors and disabled access. Public entrance is through the museum, from the main car park - see the map above.

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Hi Guys
got my ticket
But my car share plan went belly up,so I will be travelling up the M5 from junction 23 on sunday morning early
If anyone fancies a lift up from somerset i have 3 spare seats

cheers tony

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Below is a list of all stall holders that will be attending on sunday

Roger Barker (Tomalitoys)
Steve Traffic ( Traffic Model Cars )
Malcolm Duff
Phil Bridgeman x2 ( Vintage Slot cars )
Richard d'Cruz ( R&J Slots )
Chris McGinn
George Turner (GT Models)
Steve Baker
Paul Leyshon
Colin Spark (R/S Slot Racing)
Bob Bott ( Midland Model raceway )
Derek Cooper ( Dees Historics )
Phil Smith (Scaleslotcars)
Steve Cannon (Triplex)
Rob Learmouth
Paul Blows
Steve Ward ( Penelope Pitlane )
Keith Clements ( Demon Slot racing )
Slot 32 ( Germany )
Steve Langford
Mike Williams
Peter ( Model racing World ) Holland
Telford Stuart ( Typhoon Slots )
Scale Models

Pendle Slot Racing
SlotFest Mazda & Raffle
Astons Auctions
Stephen Donnelly
Stan Robottom
R. Howes ( Slots in Weymouth )
Angel Bartolome
W Charters
Dave Jessett (Slot Track Scenics)
Alec Edge ( Dual Circuits )
Laurence Attrill ( Tarn Model Foundry )
Gareth Jones
Rob Campling
Pete Stephenson
Stuart Drinkwater
Andrew Sheffield

The following organisations will also be represented
Racer (Scalextric)


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Below is a list of tracks that will be at the event, with the exception of the 8 Lane Ninco & Scalextric for schools track all ciruits will be open & free for public use

Hornby Digital
DS Test Track
Hobby Co 1 - Carrera
Hobby Co 2 - Carrera Go
AEC Test - Kyosho
Slot Rally 1 - NSR
Slot Rally 2 - SCX
Slot Rally 3 - Team Slot
Slot Rally 4 - MSC
Slot Rally 5 - Scalextric
Slot Rally 6 - Avant Slot
Ninco 8 lane - BOM race

Scalextric Super 124 (Scaleauto 1/24 & BRM test track)
Drag Strip
Martin De'Ath - Carrera
Julie Family Fun
Scalextric Drift Set
Scalextric Figure 8
Scalex 4 Schools
Top Gear Set 1 - Fastest Lap Comp
Top Gear Set 2 - fastest Lap Comp
Speed Test

HO Test Track
HO Big Track
HO Drag Strip
Ninco Test Track
Slot It Oxigen Track
Brands Hatch
Starsky & Hutch
SCX Rally

Scalextric Rubber Track
Scalextric 1960s Circuit
Scalextric U Steer
Scalextric M/C Track
Scalextric James Hunt
Scalextric Truck Racing

That should keep you occupied for a while !

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Well, wonder of wonders; I'm on holidays in UK (from Canada) and will be in Stratford on Sunday! And can nip over to the Festival while significant other does the sights. Unfortunately am traveling by train and can't see any form of public transport to get from Stratford out to the Fest. Anyone have a suggestion (had thought of renting a bike but forecast is rain)?

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hi Scott, sorry i don't know the area that well, if theres someone local to the area who can offer you a lift or to advise on bus timetables. Unfortunately the public transport system in the UK isn't great especially in rural areas and on sundays. Stratford is only around 10 miles from Gaydon, a taxi may be the best option.
I'm sure you'll have a great day if you can make it

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Scott ask in your hotel see if you can get a "private hire" car the are usually cheaper than a traditional taxi, it may also be worth asking the staff they'll know the best and cheapest method.

It would certainly be a shame to travel this far and miss out on an opportunity like this it really is a great event.

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hi scott
could probably give you a lift back to stratford on sunday eve if that helps

cheers tony

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Hurrah, looks like I'll be going after a bit of uncertainty!
If anyone on here wants to meet up/say hello/grab a coffee/stick 2 fingers up... drop me a pm.
See you all tomorrow!

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Just back from Gaydon via pub lunch. My thanks to all concerned with the organisation, excellent show and venue. Since the entry fee got admission to the museum as well I dragged my (non-slotcar enthusiast but otherwise motorsport and car enthusiast) Father along and he was somewhat amazed by the variety and quality of modern slotcars. Maybe a potential convert.

Filled satchel with lots of toys and didn't spend above £15 on any single item!

Happy customer Coop

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Back from Slot Fest what a great day out. Congratulations to the organisers and all who took part. Great location, good to chat with suppliers and manage to find a few bargains in the swap meet, if only I had taken some more cash! see you all next year.

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Thanks to the organisers!!!
It was excellent. I have been to a few swapmeets but this is so so so much bigger and better and being able to race here and there for free was great. Everyone was chilled, many great bargains, an awsome museum with all types of amazing cars including a modification of the Thunderbirds car driven by Parker, many facilities, briefly met Maurizio who is a legend and loved oXigen track, met the creator of this forum, sorry I forget your name (do not ban me
) watched the manufacturers race which truly grabbed my attention unexpectedly. I would have stayed to the end but time, traffic and baby.

So if someone could please put down the results of every heat and the final result, I would appreciate that VERY much.

definitely going next year
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