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A final reminder and an idea of what to expect this weekend.

Four classes are to be run over the two days; Saloon cars and F1 on Saturday, Can Am and Tottenham GT on Sunday.
Cars are to be built to UKRRA rules which can be found HERE.

Entry fees will be: £25 for all four classes or £15 per day or £10 per class.
Clubroom doors will open at 7:30am and proceedings will start at 11am on Saturday and 10am on Sunday.

There will be a low key tech inspection before each class specifically for the points that will disadvantage drivers of legal cars as per the 2012 rules against cars that have run in previous year. This will be chassis width and guide lead in Saloon, checking for 'hybrid' chassis between F1 cars built to the now defunct D3 dimensions and those built to IRRA dimensions (no D3-style front axle outriggers on wider IRRA chassis) and minimum weight and front ground clearance measurements on Tottenham GT cars.
Can Am cars will be permitted to run in the Tottenham GT class but will not be counted for championship points.

All cars will be photographed top and bottom upon entry. Concours winners will be photographed in detail and the top three finishers in each class will be photographed with the body removed. This is for publication in a subsequent race report.

Concours judging will be by the racers, as in previous years. Votes cast will count toward the overall results.

Qualifying will be done over one minute with laps and sections counting towards qualifying positions.

Racers will be grouped into fours according to qualifying positions. Each group will run eight three minute heats consecutively in a double rotation of the four North London lanes with sixty seconds for lane changes. Lap totals will be added to concours votes to determine overall positions.
Awards will be given for the top three finishers in each class, concours winners in each class, a Victor Ludorum trophy and a Sportsmanship award to be given at the organizer's discretion.

Snacks and soft drinks will be available to purchase, there's a kettle in the kitchen area for those preferring hot drinks and there will be a toastie maker visiting for limited hours on both days.

Looking forward to another great weekend of racing.
Best regards,

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Hi Steve,
I hope it's all gone well today.
I'm really sorry that Steve Taylor and I weren't able to make it this weekend but we have both run into major road car problems.
Steve's Merc has had some kind of front suspension failure this morning and has been carted off for, very expensive, repairs.
My car has blew a hole in one of the cylinder block core plugs on Friday evening and dumped all it's water. At least I should be able to fix it myself but it's currently in bits on my drive and is not capable of going anywhere for a couple of days.
We had both been looking forward to racing D3's at North London and it's a shame that this has happened.
See you all later in the year.

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Sorry you couldn't make it Mike, not seen any posts regards the meeting so assume it's all going well.
Wanted to see some results and see how the NLSME retro elite are doing, hope not "JUST MAKING THE NUMBERS UP" in the finals!

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Yes, it went well thank you.

Sorry to hear of your car problems, Mick, and those expensive sounding ones of Steve's too. I had clutch and a ball-joint failure in my car a couple of months ago and it wasn't a happy time at all.

Wading through a couple of hundred photos at the moment but I do have one public confession to make ...
I had no option but to remove those bin bags, John. If you want them saved you'll have to contact me quickly as our bin collection is tomorrow. It's hard to let go, I know.


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Oh well I can always bring a fresh batch of rotting rubbish to replace the bags the "elite" back markers left behind from there last side show!
Glad all went well, post some results and pictures when you get a chance.

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On behalf of the racers from Raceway 81 I would like to thank Steve Kempson for organising a competive, fun event over the weekend. Great racing, Great atmosphere, laid back and fun + nice trophies, toasted sandwiches and Cholcolate cake. What more could a racer ask for?
An interesting and highly competitive start to the 3 round UKRRA series on what is a challenging 4 lane track (especially for 4.5" Nacars!)



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Speaking of 4.5" NASCARS ...

Ten entries for the Saloon class.
Concours was the first consideration followed by one minute qualifying (with laps and sections to count) and then the actual racing. We did two full rotations of North Londons four lanes with a consequent 24 minutes of on-track battling.

First place in Concours was won by George Kimber with 77 votes for his gorgeous Mustang. John Dilworth body, by the way.

Second place with 71 votes was Chris Cowan.

Third place with 68 votes was Richy Kettleson.

4th was Mike Harrison with 66 votes.

5th was the ever cheerful Andy Brown Searle with 64 votes.

6th was Graeme Stephenson with 63 votes. "It's a bit small, Graeme ..."

7th was Les Bailey with 60 votes.

8th was Steve Kempson with 54 votes.

9th was Peter Sedgewick with 51 votes.

Making the rest of us look good was Mike Kettleson in 10th place with 44 votes.

Racing results to follow.

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Qualifying went smoothly with the following outcome:

Q1: 10.53 laps - Steve Kempson
Q2: 10.39 - Richy Kettleson
Q3: 10.38 - Graeme Stephenson
Q4: 10.21 - George Kimber
Q5: 10.06 - Mike Kettleson
Q6: 9.85 - Peter Sedgewick
Q7: 9.62 - Mike Harrison
Q8: 9.61 - Andy Brown-Searle
Q9: 9.40 - Chris Cowan
Q10: 8.68 - Les Bailey

The ten Saloon entrants were divided into a four-man C group and two three-man B and A groups.

The C group (L to R): Mike Harrison, Les Bailey, Andy Brown-Searle and Chris Cowan.

The cars of Chris, Andy, Les and Mike Harrison.

The B group (L to R): George Kimber, Mike Kettleson and Peter Sedgewick.

The cars of Peter, Mike K. and George.

The A group racers (L toR): Steve Kempson, Richy Kettleson and Graeme Stephenson.

Their cars - Graeme, Richy and Steve.

When everyone had duly worried the track barriers for their 24 minutes the results were:

P1: 251.04 laps - Steve Kempson
P2: 249.05 - Richy Kettleson
P3: 242.57 - Graeme Stephenson
P4: 241.11 - Mike Kettleson
P5: 240.14 - George Kimber
P6: 237.57 - Andy Brown-Searle
P7: 229.09 - Mike Harrison
P8: 226.77 - Chris Cowan
P9: 222.09 - Peter Sedgewick
P10: 221.85 - Les Bailey

The podium cars:

The winner. Bryan Warmack chassis kit with simple hinged pans and a shortened guide lead to comply with the UKRRA .75" limit.

Second place. Chassis built by Richy's father Mike Kettleson.

Graeme's Mini chassis. Only he would consider putting a JK Hawk 7 motor into a frame with such a relatively small track and wheelbase.

The only problem, from my point of view, was that the visitors were learning where all the corners were and any home track advantage was rapidly being eroded.
As will be seen when we ran F1 cars ...


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With time pressing on we decided to run the F1 class as a four heats of four minutes each race.
We were joined in the afternoon by Allan 'Chopper' Feldman, a North London regular, who was duly entered into the Concours competition.

This was won by George Kimber with 87 votes, his second win in this category, with this beautiful Parma Matra bodied car.

Second in F1 Concours was Les Bailey with this beautiful Lotus. Les received 86 votes so it was a close fought thing.

In third place with 82 votes was Chris Cowan. Another great Lotus.

Fourth was Richy Kettleson with 81 votes.

Fifth was Graeme Stephenson who gathered 73 votes for this Lotus painted by the very talented Chris Cowan.

Sixth was Steve Kempson with 69 votes.

Seventh was Mike Harrison with 68 votes.

#8 was Mike Kettleson with 64 votes.

#9 was Andy Brown-Searle with 63 votes.

Tenth equal was Allan Feldman with 54 votes. I painted this Ferrari body several years ago for Allan and it was good enough to win Concours at a Retro event at Oaklands Park in Birmingham when it was in it's prime. Things have moved on, as they ought.

Allan was tied on 54 votes with Peter Sedgewick.

Racing results to follow.

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With time pressing we decided to reduce the F1 race to a simpler four heats of four minutes each and when the dust and smoke had cleared away from the qualifying session we had the following result:

Q1: 11.50 laps - Graeme Stephenson
Q2: 11.16 - Richy Kettleson
Q3: 10.61 - George Kimber
Q4: 10.57 - Mike Kettleson
Q5: 10.12 - Andy Brown-Searle
Q6: 10.67 - Mike Harrison
Q7: 10.57 - Steve Kempson
Q8: 10.04 - Chris Cowan
Q9: 9.59 - Les Bailey
Q10: 9.53 - Peter Sedgewick
Q11: 9.24 - Allan Feldman

The unusual results for Q3,4 & 5 came about because we had a three way tie for those places with 10.84 laps. Those three drivers had a second qualifying run for those placings which gave the results shown in the table.
My own car, which I had put away as 'perfect' after early morning testing, proved to be be nose-light in my qualifying run as the grip increased during the Saloon race and I de-slotted at least once as I pushed the car harder. This was enough to drop me into the bottom of the B group with a lesson learned for the future.

The C group with L to R: Chris, Allan, Peter and the imposing figure of Les Bailey.

Their cars, L to R: Les Bailey, Peter Sedgewick, Allan Feldman and Chris Cowan

The B group: Mike Kettleson, Steve Kempson, Andy Brown-Searle and Mike Harrison.

The cars of Mike H., Andy, Steve and Mike K.

The 'elite' A group. L to R: Graeme Stephenson, Richy Kettleson and George Kimber.

George, Richy and Graeme's cars.

The racing ensued with no major incident. Speaking for myself, my car was balanced almost perfectly again with the addition of some lead behind the guide tongue and I had a lot of fun putting on as many laps as I could manage knowing that a probably faster group was still to run. It proved enough to pull me up to third place in the end, neatly sandwiched between Richy and George. Great racing from all the guys.

The results:
P1: 184.49 laps - Graeme Stephenson
P2: 172.85 - Richy Kettleson
P3: 171.04 - Steve Kempson
P4: 170.25 - George Kimber
P5: 160.57 - Mike Kettleson
P6: 157.72 - Andy Brown-Searle
P7: 157.53 - Mike Harrison
P8: 154.04 - Chris Cowan
P9: 150.66 - Les Bailey
P10: 146.35 - Peter Sedgewick
P11: 141.84 Allan Feldman

Here are the three podium reaching cars in detail. L to R: Richy in 2nd place, Graeme's winner and Steve's third place car.

Graeme Stephenson's winning chassis.

Richy Kettleson's second place chassis.

Steve Kempson's third place chassis was inspired by a Tony P build shown on Facebook a month or two ago. Tony is another one of the Masters.

Coming soon; Sunday's Can Am and Tottenham GT races.

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On Sunday we were joined by new Retro racer Matt Brice and by Bill Jenner from the Timaru club who rode in from east Kent on his motorbike, apparently on a quest to locate pre-cut chassis pans with triangular cut outs. Both were welcome additions to our group of racers.

For the Can Am race we reverted to the eight heats of three minute duration format and the Concours voting was followed by qualifying.

Concours winner was Les Bailey with 91 votes. Well done Les!

Second place in Can Am Concours was Peter Sedgewick with 82 votes.

Third was Richy Kettleson with 79 votes.

4th in Concours was Andy Brown-Searle with 76 votes.

5th was George Kimber with 75 votes.

6th in Concours was Mike Kettleson with 74 votes.

7th was Mike Harrison with 73 votes.

Matt Brice, North London new guy, came 8th in Can Am Concours with 72 votes. I recently painted this body for Matt and this was it's first time on track.

9th Place in Concours was Steve Kempson with 71 votes.

10th was Chris Cowan with 70 votes.

11th place in Can Am Concours was stolen by Graeme Stephenson with 58 votes.

12th place, and helping the rest of us to shine, was our second fresh racer - Bill Jenner who achieved 55 votes with his Ferrari.

Qualifying results and racing next.

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I'm so sorry I couldn't be there, Steve. All my favourite things packed into one room... Brilliant stuff. But life plays mean tricks on us all. And just think, everyone would have finished one place higher if I had been racing.

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You were missed by everyone there, John, as were all the regular crew who couldn't attend for one reason or another.
I can honestly say that I've never enjoyed a Retro event more and the only thing that could have improved for me it was a greater attendance. The Raceway 81 round has been scheduled for 18-19th August and my holiday is already booked.

Our dozen Can Am racers lined up for qualifying next. I managed another not-so-clever tactical error but more of that later ...

Q1: 12.04 laps - Richy Kettleson
Q2: 11.91 - Graeme Stephenson
Q3: 11.32 - George Kimber
Q4: 11.13 - Les Bailey
Q5: 10.84 - Steve Kempson
Q6: 10.69 - Matt Brice
Q7: 10.63 - Mike Kettleson
Q8: 10.47 - Mike HarrisonChris Cowan
Q9: 10.40 - Andy Brown-Searle
Q10: 10.13 - Bill Jenner
Q11=: 9.84 - Peter Sedgewick
Q11=: 9.84 - Chris Cowan

In the morning I had two cars set up for testing. My intended race car which was geared 7/29 in the normal North London way and my back-up car with the new Saloon car ratio 6/26 set up. Trying them both back to back, the spare car seemed to have a lot of extra punch over the race car as well as extra brakes which I could dial out with my controller if I wanted a smoother feel in corners.
I duly switched things around in my race car but my other duties somehow prevented me doing a bedding-in run with the altered car. Fast forward to my qualifying run ...
During the two lap pre-qualifying warm up the car felt horribly unsettled, possibly due to it's being around 10g lighter than the test car, but it was too late to do anything about it. Roll on 60 seconds of uncomfortable driving, trying to put as much distance on the track as possible, and yet another unforced de-slot. Not in my game plan at all.

The C group. L to R: Andy Brown-Searle, Chris Cowan, Bill Jenner and Peter Sedgewick.

Their cars, in reverse order: Peter's, Bill's, Chris's and Andy's.

The B group. Steve Kempson, Mike Harrison, Matt Brice and Mike Kettleson.

The B group cars: Mike K's, Matt's, Mike H's and Steve's.

The A group: Richy Kettleson, Les Bailey, Graeme Stephenson and George Kimber.

A group cars, in reverse order again. George's, Graeme's, Mr Bailey's and Richy's.

Reverting to the eight segments of three minute duration format the racing results turned out to be:
P1: 283.89 laps - Graeme Stephenson
P2: 277.58 - Richy Kettleson
P3: 275.84 - Steve Kempson
P4: 265.83 - Mike Kettleson
P5: 259.31 - George Kimber
P6: 256.31 - Les Bailey
P7: 252.51 - Andy Brown-Searle
P8: 248.57 - Bill Jenner
P9: 242.98 - Matt Brice
P10: 241.85 - Chris Cowan
P11: 240.83 - Peter Sedgewick
P12: 238.66 - Mike Harrison

Having quickly put my race car back into it's original set-up, my race was the same as my F1 race had been - putting on as many laps as I could knowing the A group would be using me as a target during their race. My car felt comfortable again and running it as fast as I could for 24 minutes was sheer pleasure.

The podium cars: 2nd, 1st, 3rd.

Graeme's winning chassis, based on a JK kit.

Richy Kettleson's second place car. Chassis again built by his father Mike.

My third place chassis, built from an RGEO Dragon Slayer kit.

Just the Tottenham GT cars to come now.

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I have to start this time with a correction and follow that with a confession.
First off I mixed up the Lotus photos in the F1 Concours group and posted Les Bailey's car twice.

This is Chris Cowan's version which scored third in Concours with 82 votes. The rear view mirrors are the give-away.

As a reminder, here's Les Bailey's second placed Lotus which received 86 votes.

Now the confession; I failed to take Concours photos for the Tottenham GT cars. The Concours results were:
P1: 69 votes - Mike Harrison
P2: 65 - Richy Kettleson
P3: 64 - Peter Sedgewick
P4: 62 - Chris Cowan
P5: 61 - George Kimber
P6: 60 - Steve Kempson
P7: 55 - Les Bailey
P8: 54 - Andy Brown-Searle
P9: 50 - Mike Kettleson
P10: 45 - Graeme Stephenson

Matt Brice and Bill Jenner ran their Can Am cars in this class and were therefore ineligible for the Concours competition.
Qualifying next:

Q1: 11.83 laps - George Kimber
Q2: 11.76 - Steve Kempson
Q3: 11.65 - Peter Sedgewick
Q4: 11.55 - Les Bailey
Q5: 11.32 - Richy Kettleson
Q6: 11.21 - Matt Brice
Q7: 11.12 - Andy Brown-Searle
Q8: 11.01 - Graeme Stephenson
Q9: 10.76 - Bill Jenner
Q10: 10.68 - Mike Kettleson
Q11: 10.56 - Chris Cowan
Q12: 9.84 - Mike Harrison

The C group racers: Bill, Mike H., Mike K. and Chris.

Their cars. Chris (C 4), Mike K. (C 9), Mike Harrison's Concours winner and Bill's Can Am car.

B group racers; Richy, Graeme, Matt and Andy.

The cars of Andy (C 8), Matt, Graeme (C10) and Richy (C2).

The A group racers; George, Les, Steve and Peter.

Their cars in reverse order; Peter (C 3), Steve (C 6), Les (C 7) and George (C 5).

Race winners to follow.

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We ran the Tottenham GT cars for four heats of four minute duration. The results:

P1: 191.22 laps - Graeme Stephenson
P2: 190.60 - Richy Kettleson
P3: 183.17 - George Kimber
P4: 182.39 - Andy Brown-Searle
P5: 181.41 - Les Bailey
P6: 176.49 - Steve Kempson
P7: 175.07 - Mike Harrison
P8: 162.20 - Chris Cowan
P9: 159.51 - Mike Kettleson
P10: 90.00 - Peter Sedgewick

Bill Jenner reached 166.84 laps with his Can Am car and Matt Brice made 145.13 after some technical problems.
Also suffering were Matt with sudden inexplicable brake loss, Peter Sedgewick with a dead car, George Kimber lost some laps with a slipping spur gear but quick repairs kept him running up to third place and Steve Kempson with a controller that didn't like the extra current demanded by the Tottenham GT cars with their Group 20 arma tures in older style C can motors.

The podium: Graeme's car centre, Richy's on the left and George's on the right.

Graeme's winning car.

Richy's second place car.

George's third place car. Exceedingly clean build.

Just the prize-giving still to come.

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Final batch of photos.

Remember folks, points mean prizes!

First in Saloon Concours - Mister George Kimber!
("What's this muck you're giving me?")

First in the Saloon racing ... no that won't work. Far too self-congratulatory.

First in Saloon racing: Steve Kempson.
Trophy presented the Right Honourable Daniel Kempson, assistant to Cordon Bleu Toastie Queen, Kathryn.

Second in Saloon racing: Richy Kettleson.
You like that nice silver trophy, Richy?

Third in Saloon racing: Graeme Stephenson.
I don't think Graeme had ever seen a trophy that wasn't gold before. Bronze was something of a novelty.

First in F1 Concours - George Kimber.

First place in F1 racing: Graeme Stephenson.
Gold? That'll do nicely, thank you. In deference to Graeme's injury, I refrained from using the full truck driver Death Grip

Second in F1 racing: Richy Kettleson.
Oo,look! Another silver trophy!

Third in F1 racing: Steve Kempson.
Trophy presented by Race Director Extraordinaire, Alex Kempson.

First in Can Am Concours: Les Bailey.

First in Can Am racing: Graeme Stephenson.

Second in Can Am racing: Richy Kettleson.

Third in Can Am racing: Steve Kempson.
Trophy presented by the lovely Kathryn Bartlett. I think I got a kiss too! Yowsers!

Winner of Tottenham GT Concours: Mike Harrison.

First in Tottenham GT racing: Graeme 'Haven't you got anything larger' Stephenson.

Overjoyed at yet another silver trophy, Richy Kettleson: second in Can Am racing.

Third in Tottenham GT racing: George Kimber.

The Sportsmanship award for Richy Kettleson.
There was a little bit of banter going on and I think I was captured here 'in character'. Well that's my story.

Victor Ludorum award was given here for the racer completing the most racing laps over the weekend. This was won by Graeme Stephenson with a total of 902.17 laps. Richy was 2nd with 890.08 laps, I was third with 874.41 laps and George was fourth with 852.87 laps.
Not too shabby.

A great weekend of Retro slot racing at North London. I can't wait to do it again at Raceway 81 in Birtley, near Newcastle on 18-19th August. All welcome.
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