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Hi guys,

sorry for joining this discussion. I am a Scorpius user for a long time, and it's hard for me follow this discussion. I did not test Ultima so far, but I think I understand a bit of the system.

As far as I know, there should be now problem, except the polarity issue of the exit flipper, which will hopefully be fixed soon. I think, fixing this issue is crucial, but Rick stated, it will be fixed. So I go from there.

All explanations are based on the pic attached.


  • Basic assumption: The LEDs shown on the original pic of Wiggie are solely for SLC25.
  • According to the pic: LEDs marked green are needed. LEDs crossed out in red are not necessary.
  • Rick just told us, that we still should be able to wire two LEDs in parallel or in sequence as we did before ULTIMA.
  • So: Double "LC Leds lane 1" should be no problem.
  • "AC Led lane 1" is not needed any more, due to ULTIMA. This is good. I never understood the necessity of this additional LED.
    Rick: Do we need to shortcut this or just remove?
  • "AC led lane 2 to 1" is not needed on your track, Wiggie: If a driver decided to go from L2 to L1, there will be no chance of a collision, if another driver decides to change to L2 on SLC 25.
    Imho, this is not needed any more, due to the new behaviour of ULTIMA and the statement above.
  • "LC LED Lane 2" is not needed any more, due to ULTIMA.
    Ric, again: Do we need to shortcut this or just remove?

I hope this helps and I am looking forward to ULTIMA with the fixed exit flipper polarity issue.




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