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un-named raceway

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started my track in my loft over the last couple of days youll get a better idea of the track once i can find my camcorder
corner at the end of the start/finish straight

infield section

tools,im not one to buy tools as i have too many(my mrs thinks) however this is the best £160 ive spent in a long time the circular saw is great for trimming the track although it is 12v it cut 3 sheets of mdf(4 cuts on each sheet) and still had some battery cant change the speed on the screw driver although you can feather it on the throttle lol and the recip saw is handy for those hard to reach places

the return from the infield

and finally the small bit of routing i did sadly had to stop due to the time

i would have got a lot more done if i lived in the middle of a field
has anyone got any tips on lane painting? i painted all the lanes on my last track with different colours and it took days i was debating whether to just not paint them and just make sure people remember what lane there on?
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heres a video of the track layout sorry bout the quality poor lighting and carp i phone mix
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finnally finished the routing ready to paint the track and begin copper tapping shortly then its barriers and curbs
here is a vid of the complete routed track with a a bodged car running round
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Track looks like a lot of fun, Justin.
But, I need to know... is it dusty up there?
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i have repeatedly hoovered but there is a little dust up there im going too leave it a little bit before i paint but in the meentime me and the kids and gunna battery pack up some cars to race
that shoudl satisfy the urge for about 5 mins
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Coming on well, looking good.
Every track should have a name, I suggest the "DadIsItDustyUpThere Raceway"....
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ha ha well we can get rid of that with the scaley henry hoovers i found on ebay!!
im open to name sugestions
i was advised to use infa red lap timing bits but i couldnt get my head around wiring it all up so i found these

so ive routed and got them fixed on the underside of the track

and i decided it was time to paint and prepare for the copper tape,im still not sure whether im putting curbs in or not

i decided not to fill the joints at the moment but i will fill them with tar too give it more of a patched look
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Nice work. What kind of router did you use? Anything special that you would do again? I have to buy one in preparing for my track build.
1/4" elu router with a 3.4mm bit I think one thing I would have done differently was order everything in advance so I did t have to wait
I stumbled across the micro switches online just browsing had a play with a battery pack a motor and a couple of leads to check whether they work in the shop,also hooked them up to my scAley rms and the work a treat
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