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Hello everyone !

We are pleased to introduce you our UNIVERSAL CHASSIS 1:43 SLOT KIT TST43A for adapting 1:43 vehicles, or similar, to slot (36 parts):

- Structural and multifunctional aluminium chassis that fits all components into its functional position,
- Front part (by poliamide with 15% of fiberglass), multifunctional too, that allows the following functions: 3 possible positions for front axle and fixation bolt, to support the guide with fitted braids and the two brass rivets for the electrical contact and to set up the distance between axles,
- Bearings and separators made by poliamide-graphite for auto-lubicating,
- SCX Compact mechanics: motor, axles, guide, wheels and magnet.

Our target for this design is not to do a race chassis, although depending of its adaptation can have high performance.
The satifaction of playing with our TST43A UNIVERSAL CHASSIS is due to move through the slot tracks with the majority of the existing 1:43 wide range vehicles that have minimum details. For that, the important reason is to see running this cars (with metallic, plastic or resin bodys).

If you want more information, we invite you to visit our Web site, in 5 languages, and download the Assy. Instructions.

Hoping that you liked and interested in this new concept of uniting the worlds of static and the slot, Yours sincerely,

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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