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Unknown scratchbuilt cars (plus some better known ones)

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Just picked these up from the post office, and I don't know what they are. Different variations of the same car?? Anyone??

It's a nice follow up on the all metal cars I posted a while back, these are entirely made of plastic card (not motorised though)

Pictures of the slot cars will follow shortly

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QUOTE back in the 60s ,onw of the major car manufacturers ,i think vauxhall ran a design competiton that was advertised in modlecars,for talented amateurs to do a design and there was a prize for the winner

This was the Vauxhall Craftsman Guild competition which ran for three or four years in the mid to late sixties.
I entered it a couple of times and still have the drawings for the models I built somewhere, but the models have long since gone.
They were 1/12 scale, not 1/32 or 1/24 so I doubt these cars are anything to do with it.
One of the years winners went on to become a famous car designer. (so famous I can't remember his name!)
Well done Chris, you weren't the famous designer, who won, whose name I can't remember are you?

I entered twice, well that is I joined the Guild and got all the info packs and the wheels and built two cars, the first I didn't finish on time, the second I finished but discovered girls before I could send it in!, so that was the end of that.
As I said I still have the drawings for them somewhere (they are stored in the loft but can't find them) ) along with a lot of other car designs I did then, I wanted to be a car designer but never got around to it due to bad lifestyle choices

btw this was known as the Fisher Craftsmans Guild in the USA.

Nice cars Joel
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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