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Unknown scratchbuilt cars (plus some better known ones)

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Just picked these up from the post office, and I don't know what they are. Different variations of the same car?? Anyone??

It's a nice follow up on the all metal cars I posted a while back, these are entirely made of plastic card (not motorised though)

Pictures of the slot cars will follow shortly

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I am convinced they are based on a real car (I am so sure I once saw a picture somewhere, but I could be deluded).
The colour could indicate they are British.

Here is the nearest I could find

Ugly or what?

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I knew that picture would attract the wrong sort of crowd.

As promised above, here are more cars from the same builder. All use Ks motors, Airfix steering, and all have a plastic chassis (in sharp contrast to the metal cars I previously posted).
2 or 3 of the complete cars went to other buyers, if you have one, please post it here.

Ferrari 312P, it is a bit too narrow.

The chassis is all plastic card, built with a main part and a separate floating motor pod with rubber band suspension.

A couple of F1s, the Ferrari is part Supershell, part platic card, the Honda is all scratch.

Porsche 908/3, this is the most accurate of the cars, may be a bit small overall, but with the correct proportions

The back end of the chassis has broken off (I have got the bits), there is an weakness with the design and the plastic card has become very brittle

Last car is this unfinished Ferrari 512S.

Forgot to take a picture of the chassis, but it is essentially the same as the one above.

Also in the parcel were a couple of spare chassis and Ks motors.

This is the best of them.

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1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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