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One of the unsung heroes of Trans Am is Jim Taylor's 1963 Falcon Trans Am car. The Falcon only participated in two races in 1966… the first in Marlborough Maryland. The Falcon never finished better than 17th overall so it was sidelined and the owner found other projects for his interest. The car was resurrected in 1991. Since then it has run road races, rallies and now is an active participant in the Historic Trans Am group races, which is where I saw it. As you must have figured out by now if it's anything obscure or weird… I'm interested.
I did a build and wasn't satisfied with the results. I hadn't looked at the photos closely enough.

A friend nagged me until I decided to revisit the car and make a resin casting. It was an opportunity to correct the mistakes made on the first car. Below is a car built from the new casting. I have a limited number of these cars in Kit for with the appropriated decals available. If anyone is interested please contact me by PM. Overseas shipping won't be cheap.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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