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OK, back to proper slotting stuff...

I got this in a trade recently, bought from someone selling on behalf of a widow, so no knowledge. It's not what I was expecting, but a nice chassis in itself and a bit before my time. It may be a very neat home-build, but I think more likely an off-the-shelf product from a small maker. It's had very little use. The motor is the most unusual feature to me, being cylindrical rather than the usual can shape. More details below the pics.

Wheelbase a smidge under 3", track 2 1/4" front, 2 5/16" rear, chassis width 29/32", U bracket and can width just about 3/4". Axles are threaded, independent front, wheels are ally, pinion brass, contrate stamped, guide grey plastic, braids up through the guide, with copper tabs, oilites located with little steps to stop them rotating but not soldered. U bracket is a stamped item in 20g or so brass. chassis members (1/4 wide) and droparm (11/32) are 16g brass and there is a cute 16g brass rod nerf bar at the rear. The chassis is made to fit this particular shape of can as it lies neatly between the chassis members. No provision for body mounting, though I would guess it's intended for a vacform (no body mounting screw holes). Soldering is good and wet, workmanlike and there is no evidence of it ever having been repaired or modified, and it was properly cleaned before assembly as there is no rust or flux corrosion. I can just see someone settling down with a bag of bits, a big iron, a hacksaw and a vice and running off ten or so of these cars over a couple of quiet weekend days for sale through Model Cars or in their shop, sometime in 1964 or so. Or maybe a mass-produced chassis brought in by RiKo or someone?

Any ideas as to what it might be?
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