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Unusual GT40 I need more pictures...

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I saw this car over here last autumn. I really like this specific livery and I would like someone to make decals for it (Iceman, hint hint
), but in order to make them I think we'll need a few more pictures of it. I've been searching a lot but I've come up with nada! Well I did manage to find its chassis number: 1079
. The car only managed 1 hour of racing (before crashing) but the at least it looked good doing it, the race was LeMans in 1968 and the drivers were Mairesse and Beurley.

(Picture from I hope they don't mind me posting it here.

Looks good doesn't it? It would be ideal for one of those white Scalextric GT40's...

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Thanks for your interest guys!
I hope that you can find some pics in those books of yours Swiss!
And Mini, through my search I've found that too, but it seems it had a slightly different livery in at Spa at least, but I'm not sure I just found one picture of a model made of the car that raced at Spa and it looked a bit different. So really any help needed.
Thank you very much for gathering all that information Swiss! Very intersting indeed, altough a very tragic story too
. Poor Willy Mairesse! It almost makes me not want to build the car, with respect to him and in order to not remind people of his misfortune. But then again I guess most classic race cars have some sad story attached to them. So Maybe I'll go ahead anyway. But I clearly see why the Fly or Scalextric has done a version of this car.
Well I might search for pictures from the Monza race entry then and see what that brings us...
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Hmm, this won't be easy...

Good luck anthony! It seems you might need it
And about posting pictures, have a look in the resources section of the site, and look up on the left. There's a great how to by Tropi.
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