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Unusual GT40 I need more pictures...

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I saw this car over here last autumn. I really like this specific livery and I would like someone to make decals for it (Iceman, hint hint
), but in order to make them I think we'll need a few more pictures of it. I've been searching a lot but I've come up with nada! Well I did manage to find its chassis number: 1079
. The car only managed 1 hour of racing (before crashing) but the at least it looked good doing it, the race was LeMans in 1968 and the drivers were Mairesse and Beurley.

(Picture from I hope they don't mind me posting it here.

Looks good doesn't it? It would be ideal for one of those white Scalextric GT40's...

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I have two or three good books on the Ford GT40, I will look it up at the track tomorrow and get back to you.
I also did not find any more pictures, but I did find the following that might help in your search - hope it helps and even if it does not it makes for an interesting historical read I hope...

Its entry for Le Mans in 1968:
Entrant - C. Dubois
Drivers - you have them. 'Beurlys' was the nickname for Jean Blaton.
Engine size: 289 CID

Here is the recorded history for this chassis number:

Chassis Number: GT40 P/1079
Despatch Date: 20.04-1968 to Ostend
Customer: Jean Blaton, Brussels
Colour: Yellow
Trim: Black
Configuration: Race Specification with lightweight roof.
Engine: 67/16. 1967 Weslake-headed engine to 1968 spec.
Transmission: NR 1014.ZF 5 speed with temperature guage, 3.44:1 FD (+D ratios)
Wheels: BRM 8 and a half inch and 11 inch.
Tyres: Goodyear.
Other Details: Prepared to full 1968 works race specifications, with lightweight body panels, aluminium fully ducted spare wheel cover and stage II ventilated discs. Fitted with small (13in) steering wheel.
Registrations: VD.962.U

Although owned by Jean Blaton throughout 1986, 1079 was actually entered at Monza and Le Mans by Belgian Ford Dealer Claude Dubois, and at Spa by National Belgian Team 'Ecurie Francorchamps'.
On 28 September 1968 the car was written off in the opening lap of Le Mans when Willy Mairesse was trying to close his door properly which had jammed when he shut it during the Le Mans start. He lost control of the car and crashed very badly. As a result of this accident Mairesse would never race again and took his own life the following year.
In 1969 the wrecked chassis was sold to Franco Sbarro in Switzerland who slowly rebuilt it over a number of years. It was then sold as a half completed project to Yvan Caillet in Switzerland, who completed the rebuild, initially installing a Peugeot race engine. The car was sprayed yellow and registered for the road in Switzerland. In May 1985 it was sold to C. Dessoyas in Paris.

Details from 'GT40 - An individual History and Race Record' by Ronnie SPain and published byMotorbooks International.

There you go, a few points to begin the search.
If you find more ( I will search also) I would not mind a set of decals for it either
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I have other pictures of the car, including Spa but not of the livery used at Le Mans and the other pics are different livery.
I will try and scan some in for you.
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