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Updated pictures of my track

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Hi Guys.

Last night at our club I had several new members asking about my home track, so I thought that I would post some recent pictures of it. Its was started about November 2010 & is mainly finished unless I have any more ideas

Its sits on a board thats 1.8m x 5.1m, the average lane is 15m long.

To be honest I have not used it for a few months, since I built the TSCC track I prefer to wait until race nights, as that is made from the same MDF, same paint & is much bigger. So I have only really used my home track for testing cars.

Cheers Paul.
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Very nice Paul,

Well done. Seems a pity it doesn't get used more after all the work you must have put into it.

Its not all bad, when I get a new car I can spend plenty of time making minor changes then do a little bit if testing after each change. So once I get to the club I know that my cars will be set up nicely.

I think that I will have to arrange another race day at my house soon.

Cheers Paul.
Aye, you will mate, i'm yet to get an invite along aswell!

The only time i've been along to yours is when your lass invites me when your at work!

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So your the one that keeps leaving £20 next to the bed, when do you want your £19.50 change back
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Just add it to the clubs kitty!

Back to the track, you have done a nice job like mate, I wish I had a track like that in the house!

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Thanks Richard.

I am lucky as the house was built in the 50's so it has a nice big loft.

Last year I put an extension on the gable end of the house & had plans for that new loft until I saw the new roof trusses, I could have got the joiner to alter the trusses making more room but it was going to cost a small fortune.

Cheers Paul.
Very nice me Geordie marra...some red & white flags down the back straights would set it off a treat!

What ?,

England flags
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Ignore him Paul, it'll be the medication.
Lovely finish to the scenery of that track, you're a jolly handy chap,

P.S. Just about to post some recent pics of mine.
Your tracks a beaut, looks fast and technical.
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