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David Farrow
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Hi Everyone,

I am more than a little bit concerned about changing regulations, the whole idea behind this CSCRA thing was to come up with a constant set of rules which having taken the time to build a model we can race it more than once. There are some events I don't do simply because I don't have the time to build another model to another set of regulations and it is extremely frustrating when you have built a model to find it is rendered illegal or uncompetetive because of rule changes. It is a paradox to change any of the existing regulations for this very reason. I have only just completed two cars which are now illegal. For many years I didn't attend Dick Smiths festival becasue I didn't have a suitable sports car, now that I have finally built one it is rendered illegal. I appreciate we would be delighted to see more people at these events but I don't know if the current regulations have stopped anybody from attending so there seems little or no point in changing the existing regulations.

The idea of adding more classes to enable some of the younger members to race cars that they may have seen also seems illogical. I thoroughly enjoyed building and racing a couple of the Brookland cars and I can assure you, I was not around when they were first raced.

The proposals are for a whopping 28 different classes of cars and in a schedule that is already stretching the capabilities of even the most industrious of scratch builders I can't help feeling that adding in more classes is the right way to go.

This is of course only a matter of opinion, and I could be wrong.

Loud Bloke
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