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Got motivated the other day to do a bit more.

Painted the control area with the control tower and first aid hut. I built a light bridge from mdf scraps and put the timing sensors in the slots below, works quite well too...

Finished off the brickwork at the underpass. Amazing how cheap and effective foam board and sample paint pots are! Pinched some farmers from the kids toy box and heat bent their arms to look like they are enjoying a quite ale or twelve.

The strange reflection is caused by the clear perspex that now runs right round all the vunerable corners. The clear perspex is very thin and has just enough give in it to act as a car catcher. It's about 100mm high and we havent yet been able to flip a car over it (and we did try very hard too!) No more cars smashing on the floor. Yay!!

Finally the "pit" area got some paint and scenery. Ground foam and scatter grass are laid over a styrene mound covered with pva glue and river sand (I knew the kids sand pit would come in handy for something
The blobby shapes between the track behind the pit are as a result of some fun with a can of spray cavity foam. I laid clingwrap over the track and just sprayed it in. When it got tacky I prodded it into shape then left it to grow. It will get painted green with various shades of ground foam stuck over it to resemble really thick undergrowth.


1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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