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I fried a Scalextric F1 chip (C7005) with a Shark 30 motor. So 30000rpm looks indeed to heavy for the chip :)
Time to try out your chip repair tips !
Today I received the mosfets from Farnell and I could not longer waite to give it a try !
I did not desolder the PO3 & NO2 devices like you sugest but cut them away with a small sissor (my solder equipment and skills are not so good as yours...)
Mounted the ZXMC3A16D and ....... yess !
The chip is working again !
I don't have the feeling that the performance is better but so far I run about 40 laps of 7", my shark 30 was quit hot but the chip was still doing the job !
So thanks for modification tip^s !
I still have 2 other 30K rpm motors so I will need to upgrade 2 more chips but I don't have defective chips for the moment.
In the case someone have fried chips, don't trough them away may be better to send them to me :) Thanks !
BTW, I allso received 5 pcs of ZXMP3A16D (P insteat of C) does someone know the difference ? the casing is the same....

Thanks !
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