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· Phil B.
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We are in need of some Early Learning Centre wild animals to populate a new stage for the Slot Rally GB Final at Wye Valley on november 6th.

We`ve been let down by a local market trader who was to supply some elephants, camels and zebras or giraffes, at present we have two lonely camels and a pair of forlorn giraffes.

Does anyone have some elephants (four would be good) or a few camels and giraffes to donate or sell (cheaply)?

We don`t want to overpopulate the stage, but at present just four animals look pathetic.

Cheers - Phil

· Tom Brown (Scorpus Flex)
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i use britians sheep and pigs, not sure but i think they did scale wild animals, otherwise a trip to the pound shop or cheap toy shop and an afternoon touching up the paint might do it.
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