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Well it looks like the Scalextric white cars are out:

L88 Corvette ref C2525 and the White indy car have all been on Ebay over the weekend.

Question? a few people have said that limited numbers will be coming to the UK.

Who will get them and how much will they cost and when will they be available.

I ask becuase i normally get mine sent from the USA and would rather not pay the post.

Any dealers out there with confirmed info.

PS - how much do they retail for in the States?
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OK guys, heres the low down. Scalextric have distributed a very small quantity of plain white cars directly from Margate. Each Scalex rep was allocated a quantity which he had to offer to Collector centers, service centers and general retail outlets. Unfortunately the quantities involved are so small that the chances of most outlets having any stock on general sale is virtually nil. My allocation of Corvettes arrived today but has already been swallowed up by advanced orders. I'm not sure why Scalextric see fit to release such a pityfull amount of cars into the Uk. My advise it to check out your local Collectors center or retailer without delay. Sean
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Part of the reason for Scalextric releasing the plain white cars in the UK is that myself and other dealers have been 'hassling' Scalextric to release them over here, they have been listening but haven't released them in sufficient quantity. However, it is a fine line between releasing not enough and too many. I'm sure if the plain white cars were released in 'standard' quantities they would still be on the shops shelves for years to come. Sean
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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