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Well it looks like the Scalextric white cars are out:

L88 Corvette ref C2525 and the White indy car have all been on Ebay over the weekend.

Question? a few people have said that limited numbers will be coming to the UK.

Who will get them and how much will they cost and when will they be available.

I ask becuase i normally get mine sent from the USA and would rather not pay the post.

Any dealers out there with confirmed info.

PS - how much do they retail for in the States?
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Is Scaley making these in the USA or are they going from China to the depot in the US direct?

If they're sold in Europe, there's no reason to pay a premium. Not so?
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Thanks GetSlotted. I acted so quickly that I managed to get a couple even before your post popped up

This is what I'm going to do with mine:
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QUOTE (Dennis David @ 4 Oct 2003, 03:26 AM)I'm really looking forward to more pictures of cars. I need to get my camera set up for shooting slot cars. Mope can you and anyone else out there describe your setups for taking pictures of cars?
I'd like to add a resource or two on photography. Seeing as most of us like to take the odd picture or two. Also some advice on what can be done with Photoshop. This should be intersting.
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