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Well it looks like the Scalextric white cars are out:

L88 Corvette ref C2525 and the White indy car have all been on Ebay over the weekend.

Question? a few people have said that limited numbers will be coming to the UK.

Who will get them and how much will they cost and when will they be available.

I ask becuase i normally get mine sent from the USA and would rather not pay the post.

Any dealers out there with confirmed info.

PS - how much do they retail for in the States?
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I can't speak with complete authority, but it is very common for 'USA exclusives' to be shipped to UK from USA, strange though this might seem. In bulk, to a dealer, it doesn't cost a huge amount more than if shipped to UK direct - certainly less per car than if you or I do it as a private individual from a USA store.

In the case of several Carrera models, I can confirm as a fact, that several of the special editions came to UK from both Continental Europe AND from USA.
It's a very interesting price quoted for the totally plain 'Vette.
Very little cheaper than the most expensive Scalextric cars equipped with full warpaint.

Does this make anyone ponder all the chat about the alleged 'high' cost of licencing?
Does it confirm my view that production cost has absolutely zero relationship to selling price and that the price is set just as high as the manufacturers gamble we can be persuaded to pay?
I used to suggest this more . . . er . . . forthrightly,
but I'm behaving myself these days (more or less)!
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Our American friends have had two illustrated reviews in place for quite some time . . . they got them long before UK.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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